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Name and Affiliation of the Lodge


SECTION A. The name of this Lodge of the Order of the Arrow shall be Klahican Lodge, #331.


SECTION B. The Lodge shall be affiliated with the Cape Fear Council, BSA, and shall be under the supervision of the Council Camping Committee and the administrative authority of the Scout



SECTION C. The totem of this Lodge shall be the Venus Fly Trap, and the call shall be "Caaa!"


                                  ARTICLE II.

Lodge Paraphernalia and Requirements


SECTION A. Upon successful completion of the Ordeal, the Lodge shall provide each new Ordeal member with the following:

1. Ordeal sash (given during ceremony)

2. OA handbook

3. Lodge pocket flap

4. OA membership card showing dues paid through the remainder of the Lodge year.


SECTION B. Upon successful completion of the Brotherhood, the Lodge shall provide each new Brotherhood member with the following:

1. Brotherhood sash (given during the ceremony)

2. Lodge pocket flap

3. OA Membership card showing the member is now Brotherhood (dues date will remain the same.)


SECTION C. Upon successful completion of Vigil, the Lodge shall provide each new Vigil member with the following:

1. Vigil sash (given during the ceremony)

2. Lodge pocket flap

3. OA membership card showing the member is now Vigil (dues date will remain the same)


SECTION D. Lodge Pocket Flap

1.  The Lodge Pocket Flap will be a fully embroidered emblem approved by the Executive Committee of the Lodge showing the name and totem of the Lodge. The flap is not restricted. Each member may purchase additional flaps from the Lodge Treasurer.


SECTION E. Lodge Service Patch

1. The Lodge Service Patch shall be available to those members who have cheerfully contributed fifteen (15) hours of service on a project pre-approved by the Lodge Chief and Advisors.

2. The Lodge Secretary will maintain a file of hours, patches earned, and patches purchased (by name).

3. Service Patches will be made available to Lodge members at a cost determined by the Executive Committee. Service Patches will NOT be available for purchase at the Council Service Center.






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SECTION F.The totem of the Lodge shall be the Venus Flytrap. The Lodge Executive Committee must approve use of the Venus Flytrap, its likeness, Klahican, 331 or reference to the Lodge Chapters on patches or any other item.Chapter patches must be submitted to the Lodge Executive Committee for approval.



Election to Membership


SECTION A. The requirements for membership in this Lodge are as required in the Order of the Arrow Handbook.


SECTION B. Procedure for the Ordeal shall be as stated in the Order of the Arrow Handbook.


SECTION C. The Lodge Executive Committee, consistent with the National Order of the Arrow guidelines, shall establish procedures for the conducting of elections in the units. Unit Election Committees of the Lodge/Chapter may be delegated by the Lodge Executive Committee to carry out the elections in accordance with the Unit Leaders.



Lodge Structure and Offices


SECTION A. The officers of this Lodge shall be Lodge Chief, Vice-Chief of Administration, Vice-Chief of Activities, Vice-Chief of Indian Affairs, Treasurer and Secretary.  Should an officerís 21st birthday fall during his term, he is not eligible for election into that office.


SECTION B. The Lodge shall be divided into chapters by the Lodge Executive Committee.


SECTION C. The offices of each Chapter shall be Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice-Chief, and Chapter Secretary. These chapter officers must abide by the same age restrictions as the lodge officers.


SECTION D. The Lodge Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected Lodge officers, the immediate past Lodge Chief, the Lodge Standing Committee Chairman, the Chapter Chiefs, and any Special Committee Chairman appointed by the Lodge Chief, all of which are voting members. The following non-voting members will be on the Committees: Lodge Advisor, Professional Advisor, Scout Executive, Chapter Advisors, Officer Advisors, Committee Advisors, and a member of the Camping Committee.


SECTION E. The Lodge Advisor and Chapter Advisors shall be appointed by the Scout Executive for a term of one year to coincide with the Lodge year.


SECTION F. The Lodge Chief, in consultation with the Lodge and Professional Advisors, shall appoint such Committee Chairmen as needed to run the Lodge. All Committee Chairmen shall be under 21 and active, registered members of Klahican Lodge. At a minimum, the following Standing Committees will be appointed:

1. Camping Promotions   4. Membership      7. Ceremonies

2. Unit Elections       5. Finance         8. Publications

3. Activities           6. Cheerful Service


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SECTION G. The Chapter Chief, in consultation with the Chapter and Professional Advisors, shall appoint committees similar to the Lodge level as needed.


SECTION H. The Lodge Advisor, in consultation with the Professional Advisor, shall appoint advisors to the various Lodge Officers and Committees as necessary. The Chapter Advisors may do the same on the Chapter Level.




Lodge and Chapter Elections


SECTION A.  Election of all Lodge Officers shall be held at the Spring Fellowship each year.  The election shall be held on the Saturday of the Spring Fellowship and should be held prior to any new members (those undergoing Ordeal at the Spring Fellowship of that year) receiving the Obligation.  The installation [date] of the officers shall be the Saturday evening of the Summer Fellowship. The term of the Lodge Officers shall continue until the installation date of the subsequent year.


1.   Anyone interested in running for a Lodge position may turn his name in to the (Lodge Chief or Lodge Adviser) at least 45 days prior to the election but without requiring a second.

2.   Nominations will be accepted from the floor on the day of the election but require a second.

3.   Nominees or candidates for Lodge/Chapter offices must be present at the election to be elected unless otherwise approved by the Lodge Advisors prior to the election.

4.   The presiding officer, prior to the vote, shall ask each nominee:



Should the nominee be absent he should respond in writing prior to the election.


SECTION C. Election of all Chapter Officers shall be held in accordance to the requirements of Lodge Officers elections.


SECTION D. Only active, registered members of Klahican Lodge may run for any office.



Lodge Meetings


SECTION A. Each meeting of the Lodge shall be opened with the Obligation of OA and closed with the OA Song.


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SECTION B. The Lodge shall conduct an Annual Business meeting during the weekend of the Winter Ordeal.


SECTION C. Special Business meetings of the Lodge may be scheduled on approval of the Executive Committee and the Scout Executive.


SECTION D. The Executive committee will meet at least four times per year and at such times as may be deemed necessary by the Lodge Chief and the Lodge Advisors.


SECTION E. Members of the Order of the Arrow under 21 years of age who are active, registered members of Klahican Lodge may vote in any Lodge decisions. Those 21 and over and those who are listed as inactive shall not vote.


SECTION F. All meetings should be run according to Roberts Rules of Order.


SECTION G.Absence at three consecutive Lodge Executive Committee meetings by a Lodge Executive Committee member will constitute abandonment of position and may be replaced by the Lodge Executive Committee.





SECTION A. The amount of annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee (see Attachment 1.)  Dues are payable January 1 of each year and are good through December 31 of the following year. All membership cards will expire on December 31 of the upcoming year (exceptions: Lifetime membership and new ordeal members inducted at the Summer Ordeal).


SECTION B. Dues shall be collected annually by the Lodge Treasurer. Upon collecting dues, the Treasurer will immediately prepare a membership card and present it to the member or mail it to the member within seven (7) days. Dues may also be paid at the Council Service Center.


SECTION C. The Treasurer shall maintain records listing who is currently registered with the Lodge and those members whose membership have lapsed. These records should be available for inspection at all Lodge Functions.


SECTION D. Members whose dues are not paid by December 31 of each year shall be declared inactive and therefore void of all Lodge Rights and Privileges including:

1.   Attending Lodge functions

2.   Receiving Brotherhood or Vigil

3.   Voting, holding office, or serving on a committee

4.   Wearing the Lodge Pocket Flap

Inactive members may be restored to active membership status through payment of current dues. No prorate, or discount may be given or penalty charged for re-registering after membership status has lapsed or for registering in the middle of the year.


SECTION E. The Treasurer will advise the Chapter Secretaries by February of each year of active and inactive members.


SECTION F. All expenses, including chapter expenses, must have the approval of the Lodge Executive Committee and the Scout Executive. Approved bills will be paid by the Council Service Center.

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SECTION G. Lifetime Membership.

For members choosing to do so, a member may pay a onetime fee of ten (10) times the current dues to receive a lifetime membership in Klahican Lodge. The money will then be placed in a trust fund with only the interest used by the Lodge for its operating expenses. The member need not pay dues to the Lodge but must remain registered with the BSA in the Cape Fear Council and thereafter has full rights as an active member in the Lodge.* The member is responsible to insure his name and current address is correct on the Lodge membership books.  A Lifetime member may receive a new membership card as the need arises. (This amendment effective 01/20/2008)


*To be registered in the Lodge a member must already be a registered scout or scouter with the Cape Fear Council. Lifetime membership does not cover the annual cost of dues to BSA.


SECTION H. All Lodge funds will be deposited in the Council Service Center. All funds shall be handled through Council Service Center and go through all normal accounting procedures used by the Council.



Duties of the Lodge Officers

SECTION A. Lodge Chief shall:

1.     Be responsible for executing the TOTAL Lodge program.

2.     Preside at all Lodge and Executive Committee meetings.

3.     Appoint all Lodge Committee Chairmen.

4.     Call any special meetings of the Lodge or Executive Committee.

5.     Ensure other Lodge Officers fulfill their job responsibilities.

6.     Oversee the Vigil Committee and the Lodge Nominating Committee.


SECTION B. Lodge Vice Chief of Administration shall:

1.     Assist the Chief and in his absence assume his position.

2.     Coordinate and oversee the Unit Elections program, the

Camping Promotions program, the Camping booklet, the Lodgeplanbook, Conclave promotions, and any other duties assigned   by the Chief.

1.     Directly oversee the following committees:

     a)   Unit Elections

     b)   Camping Promotions

     c)   Where To Go Camping Booklet

     d)   Conclave Promotions

     e)   Lodge Planbook


SECTION C. Lodge Vice Chief of Activities shall:

1.     Assist the Chief, and in the absences of both the Chief and Vice ††Chief of Administration, assume the position of Chief.

2.     Coordinate and oversee the Elangomat program, all Ordeals, and Lodge Fellowships.

3.     Plan and carry out all Lodge Activities and Functions.

4.     Directly oversee the following committees:

     a) Elangomat Training

     b) Activities

     c) Inductions

     d) Cheerful Service


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SECTION D. Treasurer shall:

1.     Maintain the Lodge membership records, financial records, and Lodge Inventory.

2.     Periodically inventory Lodge merchandise and inform the Executive Committee of any items in short supply.

3.     Audit all Lodge financial records quarterly and represent it to the Executive Committee.

4.     Maintain an accurate resume of all Lodge members; both active and inactive.

5.     Collect all Lodge dues annually.

6.     Prepare a report of active members and inactive members by October 31, each year.

7.     Coordinate and oversee the Lodge Trading Post, event registration, and Lodge budget.

8.     Directly oversee the following committees:

     ††††a) Trading Post Team

    ††† b) Event Registration Team

    ††† c) Fund Raising

     ††††d) Financial

     ††††e) Membership


SECTION E. Vice-Chief of Indian Affairs shall:

1. Coordinate and oversee all ceremonies, dance team, and Lodge Indian ††Affairs at Conclave

2. Keep a working list and maintain the Lodge regalia and ensure that they are collected and properly stored after use.

3. Directly oversee the following committees:

a. Ceremonies

b. Indian Affairs

c. Dance Team

d. Conclave Indian Affairs



SECTION F. Secretary shall:

1.     1.   Record, distribute, and store the minutes of all Lodge and         Executive Committee Meetings.

2.     Keep the Lodge history and scrapbook

3.     Coordinate all Lodge Publications except the Camping booklet and Planbook.

4.     Directly oversee the following committees:

a)  Museum

     ††††b) Publications

    ††† c) Nendawen

     ††††d) Lodge History

     ††††e) Big Brotherhood Program















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Lodge Committees

 The Lodge may have the following standing committees:

1.   Unit Elections

2.   Camping Promotions

3.   Where To Go Camping

4.   Lodge Planbook

5.   Conclave Promotion

6.   Elangomat Recruiting and Training

7.   Activities

8.   Inductions

9.   Cheerful Service


10.  Trading Post Team

11.  Event Registration

12.  Fund Raising

13.  Finance

14.  Membership

15.  Ceremonies

16.  Indian Attire

17.  Dance Team

18.  Lodge Conclave Exhibits

19.  Big Brotherhood Program

     20.  Lodge History and Scrapbook

21.  Museum

22.  Publications


The Lodge shall have the following special committees (among others):

     1.   Vigil

     2.   Lodge Officer Nominating

     3.   Founderís Award


     The duties of these committees will be assigned by the Lodge Officers overseeing them with the final authority resting on the Lodge Chief.



Amendments to the Bylaws


SECTION A. These bylaws shall be subject to amendment at any regular or special meeting of this Lodge provided such amendment has been submitted in writing to the Executive committee at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.


SECTION B. Attachments may be added to the bylaws at any regular or special meeting of the Executive Committee and are binding for the remainder of that Lodge year, after which, the attachments must be re-approved or deleted from the Bylaws.  Attachments are temporary guidelines and rules that are subject to change (ie: Lodge dues).


SECTION C. These Bylaws supersede all previous rules or bylaws of Klahican Lodge and are effective as of August 31, 1988.