The "Nendawen" (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of  KLAHICAN
LODGE, 331, Order of  the Arrow, B.S.A. It is published periodically to
share information that is related to Scouting  and / or the Order of the
Arrow. To Submit  articles, artwork, or announcements, call any  staff 
member or advisor. Allow 4-6 weeks for publication. We reserve the right
to edit information for space constraints. Send a S.A.S.E. for return of
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      Roy E.Risley, 130 Queens Court, Wilmington, N.C. 28411 OR  FAX
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publications staff needed, immediate openings -call advisor for

Cyber Publicist: Jim Taylor,  686-7060,  PUBLICATIONS  ADVISOR: Roy E.
Risley,  686-9866,  ASST. ADVISOR: Bill Miller, 686-1137,           
LODGE CHIEF: Nathan Finnin- PROFESSIONAL  ADVISOR: Patrick Boykin,
395-1100 -LODGE ADVISOR: Jim Strawbridge


Jan.21-23   Carolinas Indian Seminar-Statesville-call Mr. Boykin
@395-1100 x25 for details
Jan 28-30  LLD(Lodge Leadership Development) @ Camp Bowers for all Lodge
                 seeking future Chapter/ Lodge positions should plan to
attend. Call Advisor.
Feb.6       SCOUT SUNDAY-Worship Services in full class 'A' uniform
                 Scouting Anniversary week begins
Feb.8      Coastal District Banquet-great fun, fellowship, food,&
recognition too.
Feb.8      90th Anniversary of Scouting
Feb. 24    Council Recognition Banquet
Mar.3-5   Spring Fellowship-DRY RUN FOR CONCLAVE 2000-ALL COMMITTEES
                  TO BE UP AND RUNNING-Please report to camp as early
Friday as possible.
Mar.11     Scout Show 2000

"Calling all Chapters"- please send your meeting times /dates /locations
for the next issue by the 1st Sunday in February (6th) for the
February/March edition.
Central Chapter meets 1st Thursday of the month @United Methodist
Church, Lumberton, at 7 PM
Lakes Chapter meets 1st Thursday of the month @ Interim Health Care,
Whiteville, at 7 PM
Coastal Chapter meets 4th Tuesday of the month @ First Baptist Activity
Center, Wilmington, at 7 PM
Western Chapter.. Call Nathan for information
This issue of the Nendawen is dedicated to 
Cheerful Service in the New Millennium
May the Great Spirit grant us the strength and wisdom to dedicate
ourselves to the
Betterment of others.

Hail to the Chief.. and Thanks !

        I have just returned from the 1999 National Planning meeting. 
My role
as your Region  Chief has ended.  Mr. Jim Cheatham, the former section
Chief of SR 6N, will continue the traditions established in the Great
Southern Region as he serves as the 2000 Southern Region Chief.
        I wanted to send a final message to express my appreciation to
each of
you this year. I now realize the magnitude of service on all levels of
this organization.  Each of you have impacted the Order in some way.
        I am both grateful and humbled by the opportunities that were
to me this past year. I cannot fully explain what the experiences I
shared have meant to me in all facets of my life.
        I encourage everyone who is a member of the Order to find your
Give all that you can to increase you personal commitment to
brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service.
        I hope I have accomplished the initiatives that were set before
me.  I
am confident this region will continue to soar in 2000.
                                                Thank you for allowing
me to serve.
                                                        As the Spirit
Leads, John Isley
                                                        1999 Southern
Region Chief  & Current Has Been
>From the Chief....Klahican Chief Nathan Finnin
Dear Brothers,
     I hope all is well following the much anticipated Y2K!  Conclave
2000 is approaching at a death-defying rate, and work still needs to be
done. All Arrowmen planning to attend need to register NOW!   I would
like to thank all of the Committees for the hard work that has been put
into this event, and ask that they don't stop until after Conclave is
        These next few weeks will be crucial to the success of C2K. For
those brothers who still have not hopped on the band wagon and joined a
committee, slots are still open for both staff and delegate. Conclave is
a direct reflection of both our lodge, and the Arrowmen who make up our
8 county area. I hope that we can show the other lodges from our section
what we here in Klahican country are made of.  I again want to thank you
all for the help you have given me in order to make my job as Conclave
Chief easier.  If you have any questions about how YOU can become a part
of history, email me at: , or call me right
        Our Lodge was just reviewed for Honor Lodge, and we met all
EXCEPT brotherhood conversion. Although our area has endured many storms
this past year, we can do something to improve this.  I challenge all
brotherhood members to get ONE ordeal member to seal their membership in
our Order. If we can do this, our brotherhood membership will DOUBLE!
As the Spirit Leads, Nathan Finnin, Lodge Chief/C2K Chief
ed.note: Please look in this issue for a job listing of tasks that still
need workers.  Contact Doyle Owen @ 910-866-4489.


Our Camp Ranger, Doyle Owens reports a number of tasks that need the
help of Brothers when they come to camp. If you are coming to camp with
your troop, there are plenty of service projects to work on. If you have
a spare weekend or part of a weekend, please call Doyle's office: 
1-910-866-4489 8-5  to coordinate time/tools etc. Please bring tools
appropriate to the job you want to do and he will try to supplement to
get the job done.  This list is not complete, but is a start.

Finish Dance Arbor;  Install sprinkler system in Arbor;  Work on Sound
Booth;  McLean Shelter/ wiring-lights   Repaint sign at entrance on Rt.
53;  Repaint Campsite signs;  New Screens in Staff Lodge;  Paint &
re-rope flagpoles in sites and in parking lot outside Admin Bldg.;  The
"New" Blister Trail needs clearing;  Build stone fire rings in sites; 
Paint new sign at Singletary Bridge with "Fire Danger" meter and Camp
Please lend a hand whenever you can.

Klahican Lodge Welcomes 7 New Vigil Honor Members
        Klahican Lodge proudly presents the newest members to receive
highest award a lodge can bestow upon it's members; the Vigil Honor. The
first recipient of the Vigil Honor was the founder of the Order of the
Arrow, Dr. E. Urner Goodman.  Many others have followed as a result of
years of cheerful service to their Lodge,  the Order and to youth. The
Honor is not something that is earned, but rather is recognition of a
member for his or her unselfish devotion in the service of others. This
years the recipients are:
Nathan Finnin           Derrick Boyd            Hall Sigmon      Quinn
Thomas      Mike
Pavlovich       David Criser            Woody Meadows

Congratulations to all and thank you for all you've done!
Vigil Reflections.David Criser, Vigil Class-2000

I have tried to think of ways to describe what receiving the Vigil Honor
means, however, it is very difficult,  if not impossible to tell someone
what it means to me.  Obviously, my journey began when I joined the Boy
Scouts in the late 1960's.  I went through my ordeal and brotherhood in
the early 1970's as a youth member.  The current leg of my journey began
when I was called out at the OA Banquet, last November.
        The calling out ceremony is a special time. When your name is
called, you just do not believe it, and then, as you stand in front of
your fellow Arrowmen you question-"Why me, when there are so many more
that are qualified"?  Some of you may have noticed the tears in my
eyes.  It was an emotional time for me!
        Between the calling out and the Vigil Ceremony, was a period of
for me. I found myself reading the OA Handbook again in its entirety and
then several sections were reviewed numerous times. I also found myself
thinking about my family and my service to the OA, Scouting, and my
relationships at work, etc. I have felt for a long time that God has
called me to work with youth, for youth organizations, and to help other
        I was very careful to read my letter four or five time that told
what to bring, so that I would not forget something. I wanted to "Be
Prepared". The week before, I felt like a little kid that could hardly
wait for Christmas to come. It was a very exciting and reflective week.
        The actual Vigil Ceremony was very impressive. I do not think
that I
will ever forget the experience.  To experience the ceremony with the
other candidates- Quinn Thomas,  Nathan Finnin, Derek Boyd, Hall Sigmon,
Woody Meadows and Mike Pavlovich, all of which I have the greatest
respect, was such an honor and privilege which made it extra special.  I
will not forget my special friends that assisted me during my journey.
        My experience was one of reflection and recommitment. I hope and
that I will continue my search for the arrow with renewed strength and
purpose that I have received from my Vigil experience.  Thank you, ,my

Klahican's LLD is just around the corner
        Klahican Lodge's annual LLD-Lodge Leadership Development will be
on the weekend of January 28-30 at Camp Bowers.  This weekend of
training will start Friday evening at 8 PM and conclude by noon on
Sunday.   All Lodge Officers AND all those who aspire for a lodge or
chapter in the future should attend this valuable training.  Learn how
your lodge works and functions within the grand scheme of the Order and
have fun doing it.  Check in is Friday from 6-8 PM at the Admin
Building.  Call the Council Office at 910-395-1100 or Mr. Corpening at
910-392-6888 immediately for details on how you can be a part of
Klahican leadership in the 21st century.


        Greetings, Brothers.  The new Millennium approaches!  The next
time I
write to you will be in the year 2000.  How long will it take you to
remember to change the year on your papers and stuff this year?  
People are talking a lot about the new millennium.  The important thing
for you and for me is that it is another year for us to get involved in
our Chapter and Lodge.  It is another year for you to attend Chapter
meetings.  It is a special year for you to be involved in Conclave.  It
is another year for you to learn to dance, sing, or be on a ceremony
team.  You will have more fun if you get involved!
If you are on the NET, check out the Lodge web page that Robbie is
updating.  Thanks Robbie!
Coastal Chapter members plan now to attend Winter Fellowship.  We must
defend our honor in the chili cook-off.  Mr. Pavlovich has carried the
banner for us.  Let's show up, cook some chili, help with the Ordeal and
have a great time!
Call me if you want a job with the Chapter or Ceremonies.  
                        By the way, Y2K when you can 5K.
Yours in WWW, Brad Corpening
Advisor's Minute.Coastal Chapter
Greetings Brothers,
        Welcome to the new Millennium!  Take this opportunity to
yourself to the virtues of brotherhood, cheerfulness and service. 
Change your life now, then change others for the rest of your life!
        We need each and every one of you for Conclave 2000. Get
involved now.
If you don't have a job yet, contact any of your lodge officers or
advisors. This will be an exciting event for our lodge and you need to
be a part of it.
        NOAC 2000 will be here before you know it. Place your $100
deposit at
the Council office now. More information will follow. All ceremony
participants, dancers and singers need to go. All lodge and chapter
officers need to go. Anyone who want to have a great time with thousands
of fellow arrowmen needs to sign up.  Call me if you have any questions.
        Don't forget our Chapter meetings!  We want you there;
especially if
you were recently inducted. Brad, Steven and Jeff are providing great
leadership, but they need your help. Chapter meetings help you get more
involved in our lodge. We always have a great time, so come on out! 
(4th Tuesday of the month at First Baptist Activity Center )
In Cheerful Service,    J. Corpening
Millennial  Paradox

Submitted by Maurice Williams           
The paradox of our time in history is that we
         wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints.
      We spend more, but have less, we buy more but
    enjoy it less. We have bigger houses and smaller
        families, more conveniences but less time.
     We have more degrees, but less common sense,
  more knowledge, but less judgement, more experts,
but more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.
     We spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too
fast, get too angry too quickly, stay up too late, get up 
 too tired, read too seldom, watch TV too much, and 
  pray too seldom.
We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
      we've added years to life, not life to years.
 We've been all the way to the moon and back, but
   have trouble crossing the street to meet the new
 We've conquered outer space, but not inner space.
   We've done larger things, but not better things.
We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul.
    We've split the atom but not our prejudice. 
            We write more, but learn less.
       We plan more, but accomplish less.
     We've learned to rush, but not to wait.
We build more computers to hold more information
   to produce more copies than ever, yet, have less
These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion,
   tall men and short character, steep profits, and
shallow relationships. These are the times of world
peace but domestic warfare, more leisure, but less
     fun, more kinds of food, but less nutrition. 
These are days of two incomes, but more divorce, of
   fancier houses but broken homes, of quick trips
disposable diapers. It is a time when there is much in
   the show window and nothing in the stockroom.
If you hold the traditions, values and ideals you have 
learned in Scouting close to you, honor your God and
family these things will be the compass to guide you 
              through your life in any era. 

        The Order of the Arrow is offering you an opportunity to join
Arrowmen in cheerful service and the formation of lasting brotherhood on
the trails of Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico for the
summer of 2000.  Under direction of the Philmont Conservation
Department, experienced Philmont staff members with strong Order of the
Arrow backgrounds will lead participants on the two week trail crew and
The program is a fourteen day experience. The first week focuses on
trail construction and maintenance under the guidance of Philmont trail
crew foremen. The second week is a seven day backpacking trek that is
designed by the participants. The program is not simply building trail
and hiking through, the OA Trail Crew is ultimately a journey that
challenges Scouts mentally, physically and spiritually.
        Trail building is tough. The worksite experience is full of long
strenuous  days requiring a great deal of physical effort. Participants
are expected to work with great diligence as the  trail that is being
built is designed to last over 75 years and protect the beautiful
landscape of Philmont Scout Ranch.  Other than trail building
techniques, Scouts will strengthen their leadership skills, learn
advanced wilderness and low-impact camping skills, observe and
participate in group wilderness safety, good judgment, and motivation
activities, and receive special OA instruction.
        The project's mission is to maintain, reinforce and enhance the
of the Order of the Arrow by using Scout camping traditions.
Participants are expected to use  their experience to benefit their
troop, chapter, lodge and council programs. Camping is a method of
Scouting that enhances and builds stronger programs and people.
 Be at least 16 years old the day your program begins, but not 21 by it
 Be physically fit, able to lift and handle materials up to 50 lbs.
(Philmont height and weight guidelines will be strictly enforced)
 Be a registered member of both the BSA and a local OA lodge.
 Scouts from the same unit or otherwise acquainted, will be placed in
separate crews. No exceptions!
No exceptions can be made to these requirements. Selection for this
program is competitive and is both an honor and a privilege.
Obtain an application from your Council Service center. Once completed,
have it approved by both your Scout Executive and Lodge Adviser, and
receive parental permission is you are under age 18.  Mail your
completed application and $25.00 deposit to:  Order of the Arrow, Boy
Scouts of America, PO Box 152079, Irving, Tx75015-2079. You will be
notified by March 9,2000.  The total cost of the program is $100.00.
  June 8-22     June 15-29      June 29-July 13         July 6-20
June 22- July 6              July 13-27

What a way to spend a vacation.for $100!  Just ask Nathan. He did it
last summer!
Charles L. Sommers High Adventure Canoe Base-Ely, Minnesota
"The Order of the Arrow is a thing of the outdoors rather than the
It was born in an island wilderness. It needs the sun and rain, the
and the plains, the water and the starlit sky"
E. Urner Goodman

        The National Order of the Arrow is offering you an opportunity
to join
Arrowmen from across the country in cheerful service and the formation
of lasting brotherhood on the pristine US/Canadian Boundary Waters. 
Under the direction of the United States Forest Service, experienced
Charles L. Sommers staff members with strong Order of the Arrow
backgrounds will lead participants on a two week voyage into the
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)
        The program is a thirteen-day experience inspired by the
traditions of
the French and Canadian Voyageurs who ventured the northern wilderness
during the 1700-1800s. Traveling thousands of miles by water and
portage, these Voyageurs were hired to haul goods and furs to trade with
Native Americans and Europeans. In the spirit of these adventurers,
Arrowmen will embark on a voyage that is twofold. One-half of the OA
Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage focuses on portage trail and campsite
maintenance within the Boundary Waters. The remaining expedition is
spent on a canoeing adventure that is planned and chosen by the
participants in the program. In other words, each crew plans their own
voyage!  However, the program is not portage trail work, camping, and
canoeing. The OA Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage is ultimately a journey
that challenges Scouts mentally, physically, and spiritually.
        Portage trail work is tough and serious. The worksite experience
full of long, strenuous days requiring a great deal of physical effort.
Participants are expected to work with great diligence as the tasks
being accomplished are designed to benefit generations of Scouts and
non-Scouts in the Boundary Waters Wilderness. In addition to mastering
portage trail maintenance techniques, Scouts will strengthen their
leadership skills, learn wilderness safety techniques, participate in
motivational activities, and receive special OA instruction.
        The mission is to maintain, reinforce, and intensify the purpose
of the
Order of the Arrow through Scout camping traditions. Camping enhances
and builds stronger programs and people. Participants are expected to
use their experience to benefit their troop, chapter, lodge, and council

 Be at least 16 years old the day your program begins, but not yet 21
by its conclusion.
 Be strong and robust (Charles L. Sommers height and weight guidelines
will be strictly enforced)
 Be a registered member of both the BSA and a local OA lodge

No exceptions can be made to these requirements. This program is
voluntary and selection for the
Order of the Arrow Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage is both an honor and
a privilege.
        Complete an application available at your Council Service center
have it approved by both your Scout Executive and Lodge Adviser.
Parental permission is required if you are under age 18. Mail your
completed application and $25.00 deposit to:
Order of the Arrow
Boy Scouts of America
PO Box 152079
Irving, Tx. 75015-2079
Participant cost is $100 for the two-week experience. A $25
non-refundable deposit is required with the application.
The balance of the fee is due at the time of acceptance as a participant
in the program. Additional expenses, including travel to and from
Charles L. Sommers as well as miscellaneous purchases, are the
responsibility of the participant.
June 7-19    June 28-July 10    June 14-28                 July 5-17
June 21-July 3             July 12-24

All I needed to know I learned in the OA
by Mike Dudley, special guest writer, Ma-Nu Lodge 133

 Never judge a person upon your first meeting, you might be having a
bad day.
 Always say "yes sir and no sir", you might be speaking to the Head
 Never set up your tent going down hill.
 Finding a 22" roach at your house is not a bad thing.
 Ask questions when the words "always" and "never" are used.
 The only Indian who ever had fringe all the way down his pants was
 You can wear a loin cloth without your leggings, but never your
leggings without your loin cloth.
 The real fun begins when the directions say "turn off the main road".
 If regalia doesn't belong to you, ask before you touch it.
 Just because it doesn't look like the picture, doesn't mean God didn't
intend for it to look like that.
 Your Mother could really be your Brother.
 The best way to get help is to put a smile on your face and start.
 Service is just a word for a job that should have been done before
 Always speak to your Elders with respect, they may be judging your
Ordeal team.
 Don't enter the circle unless you ask and don't leave it until you
receive permission.
 A life long friendship starts with a smile and a hello.
 If you can't accept someone else's beliefs then don't wear his
 Don't accept things at face value; ask some questions.
 If you can stay in step with the drum, then you can stay in step with
 If you want to wear it, learn all you can about it first.
 Learn a few words of the language even if it's only "please and thank
 Don't worry about what the song says; listen with your heart and not
your ears.
 Trust all folks until they show that they don't deserve your trust.
 Never say a person's clothes are wrong unless you are willing to help
make them right.
 Lead your life so that when the time comes to leave this world, all
you have to do is go.

Feel free to add to these.
In the Brotherhood

THEN AND NOW...WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE?  Our roving reporter Rick
Rutherford interviews Scouts about the future.
It is hard for the human mind to grasp the magnitude of progress that
can be achieved in a millennium. At the last turn of the millennium (999
AD), the prevalent mode of travel was by foot or ox cart. The Chinese
had invented gun powder but it was only used for fireworks. Wars were
fought with arrows and swords. The Battle of Hastings had not yet been
fought. North America had not yet been discovered, and everyone was sure
that the earth was flat! The planets and the sun were believed to
revolve around the earth. It would be over 500 years before Copernicus
and Galileo had the courage to tell us that the earth was not the center
of the universe. Knowing now what we didn't know then, can anyone
imagine what our world will be like in the year 2999? What do your
fellow Scouts imagine when they think of the next millennium? Here are
some of their thoughts...
We will all travel in flying vehicles...some think hovercraft, some
think even more fantastic airborne contraptions. These will be powered
by a very accessible and economical fuel, perhaps even air or water.
Space travel will be commonplace with orbiting space stations serving as
terminals for spacecraft traveling to various moons and planets.
Colonization of Mars will be well under way, and the popular sport there
will be reduced gravity basketball with 30 foot baskets. A slam dunk
will really be spectacular!
According to youthful predictions, if human conflict has not been
eliminated by 2999, it will be fought using weapons which do not
permanently harm combatants. One Scout predicted that there would be
guns that fired trapping nets so every battle would be determined by the
number of prisoners captured. On the other hand, maybe Gene Roddenberry
had the right idea, and "phasers" will be set to stun. 
Everyone interviewed agreed that computers would continue to become a
more and more important part of daily life as we progress through the
next millennium. One Scout suggested that when old age begins to
overcome the technology and medical science that will allow us to live
for hundreds of years, our lives would be downloaded onto computers so
that if we made a mistake, we can replay it and get it right!
Of course, some of the Scouts questioned were very pragmatic about the
predicting what the year 2999 would be like. "What difference does it
make...I will be long dead then" was the comment made by one young
What challenges will our Order face in the next millennium? With the
ever increasing reliance on computers to provide day to day activity,
the enjoyment of the outdoors will unquestionably become harder and
harder to sell to youth. It will become more important than ever to
effectively display the genuine thrills of camping as  "actual reality
experiences" as contrasted with "virtual reality experiences". How are
we going to convince a young man to come with us on a camping trip to
sleep under the stars when he can go down to his local Cineplex and put
on a helmet with earphones which gives him the sensation that he is
climbing Mount Everest!? It will be up to each of us to leave a legacy
to our children, grandchildren, and great grand children that the
outdoors is a wonderful place to have fun and learn and that it must be
protected as a treasure given us by our Creator. What better
organization than the OA to carry on this legacy? Membership in OA will
become more and more elite as less Scouts are willing to dedicate
themselves to the physical demands of learning to live in the wild. Will
we devote ourselves again to the cheerful service necessary to preserve
our heritage in the face of ever increasing dependence on technology as
opposed to human strength, courage and determination? Only the future
holds the answer. Happy New Millennium, my brothers!
IS   "VIRTUAL SCOUTING"   the wave of the FUTURE ?
by Mike Pavlovich

Greetings fellow Arrowmen,
        By the time that you read this issue of the Nendawen you will
entered the "New Millennium". You will have experienced "Y2K" in person
and with all of the sophisticated technology and advanced simulations
that are available to us today "virtual reality" was still no substitute
for the real thing. No one could really say for certain what was going
to happen until that clock ticked off those last seconds of 1999 and we
actually entered the year 2000. 
As I think of some of the experiences that I have had in Scouting over
the years I am reminded of the fact that Scouting is the real thing as
well. Have you ever tried to explain to someone what the stars looked
like on that night of your Ordeal? Try to describe to others the fun
that you had camping on that cold and rainy weekend with your troop and
they will look at you with raised eyebrows. Tell someone about the
satisfaction that you shared with a Scout when you taught him how to tie
a bowline and they may not understand. There are no simulations here.
One thing that others can understand is that these things are real and
have affected your life in a real way.
I think that what is real and tangible in our lives is becoming more and
more difficult to discern. We need an anchor to keep us tethered to
reality and I believe Scouting can help meet that need along with our
families and our belief in God. 
As I prepare for Philmont in 2000 and of course Conclave in April I look
forward to the fun and learning that each of these events will bring. I
am also reminded that as exciting as these and other events are it is
the little opportunities that we as Scouts are all about. We cannot
afford to miss the chance to teach that Scout how to tie a bowline or
miss that campout with the troop. We need to be careful that we do not
lose sight of our true purpose in Scouting and in the Order of the
You know this is an exciting time to be alive and be involved in
Scouting (and it sure beats the alternative). We have so much to do. If
we adhere to the Oath and Obligation we can not only make a difference
in this new millennium but in our own lives as well. I suppose that is
the bonus. We help others and in so doing we help ourselves. We all win.
Keep in mind that not only are we on the brink of a new millennium but
it is also a new century, a new decade, a new year, a new month, a new
week, and so on. Do not dwell on the millennium too much and miss the
opportunities of the moment at hand. 
As you prepare for Conclave, Philmont, NOAC, your next troop campout or
whatever activity you participate in whether it is related to Scouting
or not do your best to fulfill the promises that you have made to
yourself and others. Remember that the Scout Oath and the Obligation of
our Order are pledges that you have made to all, not just to your
buddies. They are your "compass" as you go through your life. Follow
these principles that you have avowed to and keep them dear. You are
members of a Great Brotherhood and you can make a difference. You are
the future right now.   
Winter Fellowship brought cool temperatures and HOT Chili !!!!!!!
Although there was no adult award, Leonard T. made his incredible,
inedible, too hot to touch much less eat version, and John J. made his
plain, just good chili !  Thanks Guys!

spring fellowship weekend


______Yes, I will be at the March 3-5 Fellowship:  I am enclosing 

______Yes, I plan to attend the March Fellowship:  I will pay my $14.00
on arrival at camp.
              I understand that I hereby obligate myself to pay even if
I do not attend.


______I intend to seal my membership in the lodge by completing my
Brotherhood: I am 
             enclosing  $27.00.

______I plan to seal my membership in the lodge by completing my
Brotherhood:  I will pay
             my $27.00 on arrival at camp. I understand that I obligate
myself to pay even if I do 
             not attend.



                 $19.00.    Mail to:   Cape Fear Council, P.O. Box 7156,
Wilmington, N.C. 28406 or
                 Fax Number: (910) 395-0894.  If you call the office
(910) 395-1100 and ask to be put
               on the "will pay" list, we will consider you

                         what are these 2 patches & how do I get them?

          host lodge patch (hlp)                                    
conclave 2000 patch (c2k)

Let us begin by referring to the patch on the left as the Host Lodge
Patch (HLP) and the one on the right as
the Conclave 2000 Patch. (C2K)

The HLP is the patch of Klahican Lodge, the host lodge for the conclave
this year. The C2K is the logo patch of the Conclave being held at Camp
Bowers this April 14-16, 2000.   The "Cardinal" (Official name of the
conclave) Conclave 2000 Memorabilia Order form that has been widely
circulated and whose deadline for use was January 7, 2000 included items
that will display the C2K logo.  If you have registered with Klahican
Lodge and paid $35.00, you will get a delegate bag with the C2K logo
screen printed thereon and one (1) Delegate Patch along with various and
sundry other items of interest in the bag.  There will not be any HLPs
in the bag.   However, if you are registered and have paid $35.00 you
will receive a host lodge bag which will contain two (2)  HLPs, a
T-Shirt (do we have your size listed?), and hopefully, a hat.  All those
lodge members who have registered by January 31, 2000 will receive these
items.  Those who register after that date may not get all these items.
We have to order by early February to be sure of getting the supplies.
We will be mailing out forms that must be filled out and
returned-medical form, host lodge order form, etc. IF YOU WANT
TIME TO ORDER THEM. All orders will be date-stamped and will be filled
in the order they were received.  We cannot guarantee that items will be
available, so it must be "first come, first served."  Hopefully this has
clarified ordering.  If you are still confused, please contact Mr.
Taylor @ 910-686-7060 or email him at: