VOLUME vI____________________________________________________MARCH, 2000
The "Nendawen" (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of KLAHICAN
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Cyber Publicist: Jim Taylor,  686-7060,  PUBLICATIONS  ADVISOR: Roy E.
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LODGE CHIEF: Nathan Finnin- PROFESSIONAL  ADVISOR: Patrick Boykin,
395-1100 -LODGE ADVISOR: Jim Strawbridge

       Call Ranger Doyle Owens' Office @ 1-910-866-4489 to coordinate
March 11  PreCONCLAVE WORK WEEKEND @ Camp Bowers-Bring food, shelter,
March 18 PreCONCLAVE WORK WEEKEND @ Camp Bowers-Bring food, shelter,
March 25 PreCONCLAVE WORK WEEKEND @ Camp Bowers-Bring food, shelter,
April 1     PreCONCLAVE WORK WEEKEND @  Camp Bowers-Bring food, shelter,
April 8     PreCONCLAVE WORK WEEKEND @ Camp Bowers-Bring food, shelter,


May 5-7    Spring Camporee Weekend
May 12-13   Spring Fellowship Weekend
May 14th    MOTHER"S DAY
June 4-10     Week 1 @ Camp Bowers
July 29/Aug 3 NOAC in Knoxville,Tn.
"Calling all Chapters"- please send your meeting times /dates /locations
for the next issue by the 1st Sunday in February (6th) for the
February/March edition.
Central Chapter meets 1st Thursday of the month @United Methodist
Church, Lumberton, at 7 PM
Lakes Chapter meets 1st Thursday of the month @ Interim Health Care,
Whiteville, at 7 PM
Coastal Chapter meets 4th Tuesday of the month @ First Baptist Activity
Center, Wilmington, at 7 PM
Western Chapter meets 1st Tuesday of the month @ First United Methodist
Church-Laurinburg at 7 PM
o Contact Chapter Chief Austin Morris-910-276-2503 for details

This issue of the Nendawen is dedicated to the PRE-CONCLAVE

                message from the SOUTHERN REGION CHIEF
Jim Cheatham-SR Chief 2000

Dear Arrow men,
As my first official post of the year 2000, I would like to welcome you
to the Southern Region email list. Since Dallas, the Section Chiefs from
across the country have been working hard in preparation for NOAC 2000.
Everyone is working hard to develop a program that every contingent
member can enjoy. The Southern Region is going to be well represented at
NOAC this year.  Jay Widby, Bob Crume, and Devlin Cooper will all be
serving as Conference Vice Chiefs under the direction of Carey Mignerey
as our National Chief.  You are in for a treat when your lodge treks to
the University of Tennessee here in the hills of East Tennessee.
The region is gearing up for yet another successful year. I am proud to
announce that Trevor Kincaid will be serving as Editor for The Voice,
and William Highsmith will be the web page coordinator.  The One-Day
Coordinator will be announced very soon.
I have been on the run the past few days.  I attended my first Region
Board Meeting on Thursday and Friday. I was responsible for the OA
report.  Saturday I attended Tsali Lodge's Lodge Leader Development
Course and Lodge Banquet. Thanks to Jason Laney and the brother of Tsali
for inviting me.  They look forward to hosting SR-5 with this year's
Dixie Fellowship.
Next up on my schedule will be the NOAC onsite visit.  Lucky for me, I
don't have to worry about traveling. 
As April quickly sneaks up on us, I hope you plan on attending your
section conclave (with the exception of you guys in SR-1).  If I can be
of any service for you, please feel free to contact me.

Yours in Service,
Jim Cheatham
2000 Southern Region Chief 


Brothers of Klahican,
I know how hard and long you have worked toward making the Cardinal
Conclave the best conclave in the Section and I think the greatest in
the entire nation! With the conclave rapidly approaching, it may seem
that there is more work left to do than there is time.  It is important
for all brothers to pull together at this time you will find the tasks
will melt away.  
 Some of you may not know it, but last year SR-7b had the second largest
Conclave in the nation!  Out of the forty-eight sections across the
country, we were second in attendance only to SR-4 in Florida. The catch
is that they have thirteen lodges I their section compared to us only
having six. The Cardinal Conclave is the envy of the entire country, and
it is up to each and every one of us to ensure that we keep it that way!
Conclave is a very special time for our section because it strengthens
our ties of brotherhood, while at the same time allowing for friendly
inter-lodge competition and training. This year, the Council of Chiefs
decided to not only improve, but also enlarge the training that will go
on during the Conclave.  Training is one of the most important reasons
we come together here each year, so I beg of you to please take
advantage of what is offered!
Since the weekend I took over as the Klahican Lodge Chief three years
ago, through my term as SR-7b Chief, I have had the great honor of
working with the most outstanding adult advisors in our Order!  I can in
no way begin to thank the likes of Bill French, J. Corpening, Patrick
Boykin, Jim Taylor, John Fort and Jim Strawbridge for guiding me in the
right direction throughout my years as Chief.  These individuals have
been instrumental in preparing me to enter the real world, which in
essence is what an advisor in the Order of the Arrow does for a young
man! I feel greatly indebted to these men for all they have done for me!
Lastly, I want to thank my great friend Nathan Finnin for the hard work
he has put into this Conclave. It take a great leader to be a Lodge
Chief, but being able to handle those duties in addition to those of the
Conclave Planning Chairman is truly an amazing feat!  Without Nathan's
unselfish service to SR-7b over the last two years, none of us would
have come so far.
Brothers, now is the time that we shall all rise to the occasion.  The
Spirit Award and Honor Lodge Award are on the line this Conclave.  Will
Klahican win the Spirit Award again?  Will Nayawin Rar take home the
Honor Lodge Award again?  This is up to you to decide!  It is with great
pride that I present our Camp Bowers to the Section for this Conclave
2000.  I consider it my home away from home.
Yours in WWW
                   Kevin Anderson
                        SR7b Chief


Dear Brothers,
Conclave is finally here!  This is the time that we will see our hard
work come together. We only host this event once every six years, so it
is both an honor and a privilege for our lodge, our Council and our
camp. I would like to thank all of the committee chairmen and advisors
for the hard work that they have put forward to make this a successful
event. It has been both a challenging, and a rewarding experience being
the Conclave Chief this year, but without you, none of this would have
been possible. 
Still, there is so much left to do before "show time".  Workdays before
Conclave are desperately needed!!! Camp Bowers, after suffering one
disaster after another, is in need of some final "touch-ups", and we, as
Arrowmen need to answer the call of service!  Time is running out, and
we can't expect the "clean up fairy" to come do it!  The First Aid Lodge
needs a final clean up, as do the campsites. For those of you who were
at the last fellowship, there are still more brush piles that need to be
moved. EVERY weekend is a work weekend from now to Conclave!!!  Bring
your troop, bring your family, you can even bring a friend!!!  Please
contact the Camp Ranger, Doyle Owens @ 910-866-4489, to arrange plans
for workdays (tools, assignments, etc.) Please plan to be at the Lodge
sponsored Workday Saturday, March 18.
Our Summer Fellowship is coming up, and it is time to elect new
officers to lead our lodge. All those who are interested in running need
to think long and hard about the responsibilities that come with a
leadership position of any capacity. We will also be setting up for
Summer Camp, so we need all the helping hands we can get. I would
encourage any Arrowman that is interested in having a fun summer to
apply for a summer camp-staff position. I would also like to personally
invite all of you to attend the weekly Wednesday night campfires, where
we will be tapping out new candidates for the next lodge year.
As this is the last letter that I will be sending before Conclave, I
would like to once again thank all of those who have helped in any way.
We are all members of this lodge, and should be proud to be affiliated
with such a distinguished group of Scouters. As both Lodge Chief and
Conclave Chief, I have found the true meaning of brotherhood, and
cheerful service.  Thanks again to all of you, and I will see at Camp
for Conclave 2000!!!
Yours in WWW
Nathan Finnin

You are Cordially invited.
Nicholas Hancock

You are cordially invited to attend and participate in the 1st Annual
Craven County Intertribal Powwow May 5-7, at the Craven County
Fairground, three miles east of New Bern, N.C. on Hwy. 70 East.  This is
a non-competitive powwow for dancers. We are giving $3000 total in
dancer day money drawings throughout the three days. Dancers must
register to be eligible for the drawings, but there is NO registration
fee charged.
We are having a drum contest with $1000 total awarded to 1st, 2nd and
3rd place winners. Drums must register to participate, but there is NO
registration fee charged.
Registered dancers and drum singers will be fed each day by the Craven
County Fair Association, Inc.

The Powwow personnel lineup is:

MC: John Blackfeather Jefferies (Occaneechi)
Host Drum: Estayapi Wambli (Eagle Scout) from Louisville, Ky.
Arena Director: Tyrone Grayhorse (Tuscarora)
Head Male Dancer: Cody Jacobs (Lumbee)
Head Female Dancer: Dawn Jones (Oglala Lakota)
Powwow Director: Deborah Wayne (Lenape), 252-244-0357 or

Free camping at the Powwow location. Water and inside toilets, but no
showers. Host motel: Days Inn, New Bern, N.C., 252-636-0773

I hope you can be with us.
Nicholas Hancock

western chapter!

I am pleased to announce that the Western Chapter is reorganizing under
new leadership. With the support of our members the Western Chapter will
once again become an active part of the Klahican Lodge. Current officers
Austin Morris, Chapter Chief
Stuart Harrel, Vice-Chief
David Harling, temporary Chapter Advisor

The Western Chapter will be holding an organizational meeting to elect
additional officers, schedule meeting times, dates, places, discuss
program ideas and any other issues that need to be addressed.
The first meeting will take place in Laurinburg, at the First United
Methodist Church on Main Street, at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 4. 
Members of the Western Chapter should receive a mailing regarding this
meeting, and I encourage everyone to attend. Our first regular chapter
meeting will be in May.
If you have any questions, contact me by phone at 910-276-2503, or by
                   In WWW
         Austin Morris
    Chief, Western Chapter

How to Make a Good Arrow
Bill Parker

As I was getting ready for bed one evening, I happened to look over at
the chair where my OA sash had been laid.  For some reason, I focused on
the arrow.  I had recently purchased a book on how to make authentic
Native American bows and arrows. I had never realized that the making of
arrows was so involved.  The book revealed that there were actually two
processes involved in the making of quality arrows.
The first process involved the selection and gathering of materials for
the arrow. Many shafts appeared to be acceptable at first glance. Upon
closer examination, they were passed up.  Only the best materials were
selected.  The second process involved the actual skills and techniques
used to make the arrow.  As I looked at my sash, I realized the
similarities between the making of a quality arrow and our Order.
The warrior spent much time in selecting only the best materials. Each
of you was selected by your peers because they thought you to be among
the "best materials". Making a good arrow takes time, skills and work.
So, too, the making of an OA brother takes time.  The process of arrow
making requires scraping, straightening, and tempering. The Scout Oath,
Scout Law, Cheerful Service and the acquisition of Scouting skills
scrape, straighten and temper the young person.
The arrow was very important. It was used to provide food, shelter, and
protection for the warrior. The quality of the young warrior's life
depended on the quality of his arrows. Sometimes his very life depended
on them.  They were not readily cast aside and were often retrieved and
used over and over again. The arrow had to be strong, straight and true.
You too, my brothers are called to be strong, straight, and true.
Strong physically, in your character, and in your spirituality. Straight
in your thinking, actions, and dealings with others. True to your
calling, your God, your country, and yourselves. You were selected by
fellow scouts as examples of all that is good in Scouting. You have been
shaped and formed by the teachings of your leaders and the experiences
you have had in Scouting.
Just as a good arrow spends its life in service, you are called to
spend your life in cheerful service. During the upcoming Conclave, take
time to look around you, meet as many new "arrowmen" as you can, and
realize that we have all been created by a Master Creator who only
creates the best. Also realize that, like the arrow, we were created to
serve and not just rest in the quiver.