Volume IV, Issue IV - May 2000
The Nendawen (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of Klahican
Lodge #331, Order of the Arrow, B.S.A. It is published periodically to
share information related to Scouting and/or The Order of the Arrow. We
welcome Articles, Announcements or Artwork. Items for publication are
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Lodge Officers

Nathan Finnin
Lodge Chief

Hall Sigmon
Vice Chief of Activities

Jeremy Lane
Vice Chief of Administration

Brad Corpening
Vice Chief of Ceremonies

Quinn Thomas

Josh Suggs

Jay Corpening
Lodge Advisor

Patrick Boykin
Professional Advisor

The Nendawen

Samuel Pitts

Rob Shaffer
Assistant Editor

Jim Taylor
Publications Mentor,
& Cyber Publicist

A Message from the Section Chief
Jason Kemp  SR-7B Section Chief

Dear Arrowmen of Klahican Lodge,
 I congratulate you on a job well done in hosting the 2000 Conclave.
Rain or shine, the Klahican Conclave Staff helped facilitate the showing

of tremendous spirit. I remain amazed at the outpouring of spirit even
in the midst of adverse weather conditions. I anticipate the spirit of
our Order will continue throughout the year 2000 and beyond.
 With this spirit of cheerful service, I am looking forward to working
with the leadership of Klahican Lodge. Hosting a Conclave certainly
keeps a lodge busy; a Conclave often increases arrowmen participation
and heightens human resources for the year of Conclave. As your Lodge
and Section Vice-Chief of Program Nathan Finnin knows, the most
important goal of ANY OA lodge in ANY given year is Ordeals.
 Keeping in mind the purpose of our Order, I challenge you as individual

arrowmen to continue our dedicated service to your fellow brothers and
your lodge. Inductions and the Ordeals are where we find the future of
each lodge. Our commitment to these, our new brothers, is of utmost
importance. I encourage you to make a difference in your lodge or
chapter; be active in attending events and keeping the obligation of the

Order of the Arrow. Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui.

Firm in Brotherhood,
Jason Kemp
2000 SR-7B Chief

Hail to the Chief
Nathan Finnin  Klahican Lodge Chief

Dear Brothers,
  We all deserve congratulations on a job well done at Conclave 2000!
Without the help of all of you arrowmen, this event could not have taken

place. I ask that all of you continue your participation in our lodge
activities, as I can ASSURE you that a major load has been taken off of
our ˘weighty÷ responsibilities. I see great things for this lodge over
the years to come, and invite all of you to take part in what is in
store for this lodge.
 With the addition of our dance arbor, I encourage each of you to
explore an aspect of native American culture. Our lodge is rich in
knowledge of American Indian traditions, and the only way that they can
survive is to be passed on to us, the youth! For more information on how

you can get started, feel free to contact myself or J. Corpening.
 With the Ordeal approaching in May, we as a lodge are about to grow. I
ask that you each take a part in making all new candidates/members feel
welcome, and encourage continued participation in our lodge. Hope to see

you all at Camp in May.

As the spirit leads,
Nathan Finnin
Klahican Lodge Chief 99-00

Summer Fellowship and Ordeal

 This year's Lodge Summer Fellowship will be held May 12-14, 2000 at
Camp Bowers. We will be holding Lodge Officer Elections at this
fellowship. So If you want a voice in how our lodge is run for the next
year please attend!! The May Fellowship also marks the last Ordeal of
this election year.  Across the council new elections are being
conducted for summer callout.  May also marks an opportunity for Ordeal
members to seal their membership in the order by achieving Brotherhood
membership.  If you have been an Ordeal member for 10 months, please
take advantage of this special opportunity. There are several very
important projects that we need to accomplish; The totem poles which
were carved at conclave need to be set in the ground.  Tents need to be
set up.  Some brush piles still need to be moved to the dump, and we can

only do these with your help! PLEASE be sure to preregister (see form on

back cover).

>From the Editor
Samuel Pitts  Editor

Dear Brothers,
 It is indeed an honor to be serving Klahican Lodge as the Editor of the

Nendawen. The new publications committee plans to produce the BEST
"youth run" lodge newsletter in the section, and maybe even the country.

But currently the publications staff consists of very few people. If you

have been looking for a way to serve YOUR lodge, here's the chance! You
don't necessarily have to be a good writer, we're looking not only for
brothers to write articles, but also ones to maintain the Calendar of
Events, and help with design and production aspects of the Nendawen. If
you are interested in being part of the Lodge Publications Staff,
contact me as soon as possible. Let's pull together and do this RIGHT!!!

Yours in WWW,
Samuel Pitts

Vice Chief's Message
Brad Corpening  Lodge Vice Chief of Ceremonies & Coastal Chapter Chief

 First of all, I would like to congratulate you all on a successful
conclave.  I believe that we did as good if not better than Wahissa did
last year.  I hope that all of you made it to the many great training
sessions and competitions, especially the Dance Team and individual
competitions and the ceremony competitions.  The Dance Team, which
includes Ryan Devine, Nathan Criser, Lee Pavlovich, Steven Covington,
and Brad Corpening, received first place.  In the individual
competition, Ryan received first place in the Straight Dance category
and I placed second in the Grass Dance category.  If any of you think
you are interested in the ceremony or dance teams, please call me at
(910)392-6888 or E-mail me at Budfishing@aol.com, or call or E-mail the
new ceremony team advisor Woody Meadows at cilvrsurfr@aol.com. Again
congratulations on a job well done during conclave.

 Also, the May Fellowship is coming up and I hope to see all of you that

were at conclave there.  We're going to have a lot of fun and a little
cheerful service, as well as ceremonies and a dance team meeting, so if
you're interested, please come out and get involved.

 Finally, to Coastal Chapter members, the May meeting will be the last
time we meet before summer, so please make a special effort to be
there.  The program is going to be a good one so come see it.

Yours in WWW,
Brad Corpening, VC Ceremonies/Coastal Chapter Chief

Western Chapter
Austin Morris  Western Chapter Chief

 The April chapter planning meeting went well. Eight members from two
troops attended! Our next meeting will be Monday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m.
and we are expecting even greater attendance.  In the future, the
Western Chapter will meet the Monday before each lodge event, at the
First United Methodist Church in Laurinburg.  Chapter members will be
receiving postcards regarding these upcoming meetings.  Our chapter
proudly sent 11 delegates to the Cardinal Conclave at Camp Bowers on
April 14th -16th.  Members of the Klahican Lodge worked hard producing
the Conclave, and we sure appreciate everybody's hard work.
The Western chapter is growing rapidly.  We are developing a great group

of scouts who are excited about the Order of the Arrow.  If you are
still an inactive Western Chapter member, what are you waiting for? May
8th will be our last chapter meeting of the spring. Please plan to
become more active over the summer, and be ready to join in our chapter
activities next fall.  I am your Chapter Chief, and I'm here to serve
you.  If I can help you, feel free to contact me.  My telephone number
is 910-276-2503; you can also E-mail me at WesternChapter@yahoo.com .

Austin Morris
Western Chapter Chief

Conclave Report
James Campbell  Conclave 2000 Indian Affairs Co-chairman

Dear Brothers:
 Conclave was a great success; A little rain didn't stop any of the
Indian affairs events from happening.  The hard work of all our lodges'
dancers paid off.  Our grass dance team consisting of Brad Corpening,
Nathan Criser, Ryan Devine, Steven Covington, and Lee Pavlovich took
First place in the team dance competition.  Brad Corpening placed 2nd in

junior grass dance, Ryan Devine took first place in the straight dance
category.  The Indian Village offered dance classes/informational
sessions for all the different styles of dancing during the three
training blocks; I would advise you to attend this class at the next
conclave if you are interested in learning any of these dances.  Those
sessions wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the work of
Patrick Boykin and a few of his friends from Wahissa lodge.  I would
like to thank the national award winning Wahissa lodge drum team for
playing for the dance competition and at the Saturday night powwow. I
would also like to thank my committee co-chairman Greg Still, the
committee advisor/New lodge Advisor Jay Corpening, and all the brothers
that worked on the dance arbor; You did a great job! The arbor didn't
get used due to all the rain, Hopefully it will get used at the next
conclave at Camp Bowers in 2006. I hope to see you there!

James Campbell

Calendar of Events

May 4, 2000 - Central Chapter Meeting at United Methodist, Lumberton,
7:00 p.m.
May 4, 2000 - Lakes Chapter Meeting at Interim Health Care, Whiteville,
7:00 p.m.
May 5-7, 2000 - Spring Camporee
May 8, 2000 - Western Chapter Meeting at First United Methodist,
Laurinburg, 7:00 p.m.
May 12-14, 2000 - Summer Ordeal/Fellowship
May 20, 2000 - Summer Camp Staff Orientation
May 23, 2000 - Coastal Chapter Meeting at First Baptist Activity Center,

Wilmington, 7:00 p.m.
June 4-10 - Camp Bowers week 1
June 7 - OA campfire - Camp Bowers
June 11-17 - Camp Bowers week 2
June 14 - OA campfire - Camp Bowers
June 18-24 - Camp Bowers week 3
June 21 - OA campfire - Camp Bowers
June 25-July 1 - Camp Bowers week 4
June 28 - OA campfire - Camp Bowers
July 29-Aug 3 - National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)
Sept 8-10, 2000 - Fall Ordeal
Sept. 22-24, 2000 National Leadership Summit (For more info contact
Lodge Chief or Adviser)
Oct 20-21, 2000 - BSA New Millennium 2000 Celebration - Lake Waccamaw

At the Heart of the Order
Stuart Harrell

 I'd never been to a Conclave before. I knew that it was the most
important OA event of the year, and being the active lodge member that I

am, I decided to sign up for C2k. Everyone told me that Conclave 2000
would be a blast, but I decided to find out for myself.
 There was only one problem with the weekend, but it really wasn't much
of one. It did rain off and on Friday and Saturday, but the sun came out

on Saturday afternoon raising everyone's spirits.
 Spirit. That's another issue. I was amazed throughout the whole weekend

at the amazing spirit our fellow arrowmen exhibited: Klahican, through
our hard work and dedication to the Conclave itself; Wahissa, through
grass skirts, sunglasses, sunscreen, and coconuts; Lodge 104, with their

eye patches, flags, and swords; and Lodge ??? with the D.O.T. signs and
bright orange vests. The cheerful spirit that each brother expressed for

scouting and the Order is commendable.
 There is no other way to express my feelings about Conclave: C2k was
just plain fun. We enjoyed the campfires, patch trading booths,
competitions, and all the other events that took  place on April 16th,
17th, and 18th. Our lodge did an outstanding service to section SR-7B
(if I do say so myself) in organizing Conclave 2000. Guest lodges seemed

to know what was going on where.
 The chuckwagons were popular. There were no security issues. The
medical staff was on their toes. The food was good. The competitions
were organized. The camp was neat. The shows were spectacular.
 Our cheerful spirits and service went a long way toward making Conclave

a success, but, we, through our actions as a lodge, did not make
Conclave successful. The credit for a successful Conclave lies in the
ties of brotherhood.
 The entire purpose of any Conclave is to bring arrowmen together,
creating and strengthening the ties of brotherhood. Through the hard
work and dedication to our cause, we taught an infantile Conclave how to

walk; through the fellowship and camaraderie created by our brothers,
Conclave grew into a successful being. I hope everyone met a brother
that they had not known before, or at least found out something new
about an old friend, for it is through these ties that the Order is
 The heart of the Conclave, and thus the Order, lies in brotherhood. If
you didn't learn something about someone this weekend, seek to do so
next time. Do not be afraid to go out and find someone new to talk to.
Add links to the chain of brotherhood, for the Order of the Arrow, of
which we are all so proudly a part of, is truly "Firm bound in

National Leadership Seminar
  The National Leadership Seminar is a weekend conference focusing
primarily on the skills and attributes of leadership. It is intended
primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow's
key youth and adult members as they seek to improve their service to the

Boy Scouts of America and the greater community.
 Youth participants should be at least 15 years of age or a lodge
officer. Completion of the Lodge Leadership Development Program is
desirable. The seminar is an intensive experience in learning about the
nature of leadership and practicing some of the skills that leaders use.

While it is designed to be fun, the course is also mentally challenging.

Participant should be developmentally, physically, and mentally prepared

to actively engage in an exhausting, invigorating weekend.
 At the end of the seminar, participants make a contract with themselves

to apply the skills learned in the seminar to projects in their unit,
lodge, council, and community.
 If you are interested in participating in NLS, Call Patrick Boykin at
The Cape Fear Council Office: 910-395-1100. Space is very Limited so
reserve your space soon.

Dates & Locations

June 11-17, 2000
Philmont Scout Ranch (Open to all regions)
September 15-17, 2000
Canton, MS (Sections 8A and 8B)
September 22-24, 2000
Wirtz, VA (Sections 7A and 7B)
November 3-5, 2000
Covington, GA (Section 6N, 6S)
November 10-12, 2000
Fort Worth, TX (Section 2)

...And Now for a Little Piece of History
This is a letter was found in the publications team's e-mail box....DOES


    As I look back at where the lodge was the year before I took office
as Lodge Chief compared to where it is now, I am just in awe!  At the
1997 SR-7 Conclave, Klahican was anything but impressive.  We had a
large turnover of youth that year and there were actually more adults
than youth at Conclave.  A year passed, yours truly became Chief, and
along came the 1998 SR-7B Conclave.  Klahican won the Quest and we tied
for first in the Spirit Award.  The Section Chief broke the tie that
year and we lost.  I guess that gave us something to shoot for in 1999
when we went to Raven Knob under Tommy's leadership because we took the
Spirit Award home that year.  At the "Kevin and Nathan Show" last month,

we won the Team Dance Competition, the Quest for the Golden Arrow, the
Webpage Competition, had a Section Officer elected, had an individual
dancer take home first place, and nearly pulled off capturing the Honor
Lodge Award.  Without Nathan's hard work as Conclave Chairman and Lodge
Chief that weekend wouldn't have occurred.  This only leaves me
wondering about next year.  It seems as though every year we keep
climbing.  The next Chief, and his officers, will have some giant shoes
to fill, but I know with our youth a grand sweep of Conclave next year
is the only thing they will have the lodge striving towards!  There are
a lot of things that I wish I could still do in the Lodge that I can't.
Instead I was forced out just like my predecessors Tommy Cleveland and
Patrick Boykin were, blindsided with a humiliating attack in front of
hundreds of people.  My challenge to the youth of this lodge is, simply
do what you can to keep the lodge where it is at now!  Until you become
an adult, you really don't realize how much fun being a youth in the
Order of the Arrow really was!  A special thanks to Jim Strawbridge for
his guidance he has given our past Lodge Chiefs over the years.  A big
ole sloppy kiss goes out to John Fort and Nathan Finnin for their work
over the past two years with Conclave!  I can't wait to see if I can
call all of my fellow OFCers by their first name without getting the
"you are still a youth, you call me by Mr.X look!"  See you at Summer
Yours in WWW,
Kevin Anderson
Official Has Been Chieftain & Current President of the OFC

My Two Cents Worth...
John Fort Jr.  Conclave 2000 Advisor

My  Brothers,
 Conclave 2000 was a huge success, and it is with great pride that I
send you this thank you note for all your help.
 Klahican Lodge put on one fantastic Conclave.  All the tireless hours
spent planning, preparing, and carrying out your tasks paid off.  You
worked hard with smiles on your faces and you made everybody feel
welcome.  You worked like a team, and all the feedback I have received
has been very positive.  Thank you to all that came and worked and
participated in the events.  Every Brother took their job to a new
height and kept a smile on their face, even when it rained and events
had to be moved.
 Now that you have seen how much fun a Conclave is, return to Camp
Bowers  May 12 - 14 and start making plans to go to the next Conclave
2001.  We need the "SPIRIT AWARD" to return to the Klahican Lodge.
 Thanks again for all your help putting on a great conclave.  I am very
proud of you and you can be very proud of all your hard work.

Your Brother,
John L. Fort, Jr.
Conclave 2000 Advisor

Coastal Chapter's Advisor Minute
Mike Pavlovich  Coastal Chapter Advisor

Greetings Fellow Arrowmen,
As the new Coastal Chapter advisor I would like to congratulate everyone

from our Chapter as well as the rest of our Lodge for a Cardinal
Conclave well done!!!!! The rain we had could not even come close to
dampening the enthusiasm and feelings of Brotherhood that we were able
to share with our fellow Lodge, Section and National Brothers.
I understand that our Cardinal Conclave was one of the largest in the
country. To be able to host such a gathering and still compete
successfully in the Conclave events is a tribute to the hard work and
dedication of all that helped, no matter what their task. I would
especially like to recognize our Lodge dancers, web page designers, and
quest event participants, the best in our Section.
We need to keep up that good work. We need to encourage all of those
Brothers who made it out to Conclave to make it to Chapter meetings and
Lodge Fellowships as well. I saw a lot of faces during that Conclave
weekend that I have not seen that often at other Chapter and Lodge
events. Let us not let that rekindled Spirit of Brotherhood die down
until our next Conclave. We need to fan that spark and encourage all of
our Brothers to remain as active as they can in all of our Scouting
I look forward to working with our chief, officers, and all of the
members of our Coastal Chapter with anticipation. Together we can
continue to grow and cheerfully serve Scouting throughout the Brunswick,

Masonboro and Northeast Cape Fear Districts of our Cape Fear Council. I
look forward to our Coastal Chapter serving our Lodge and helping it
fulfill the purpose of the Order of the Arrow, one point of which is ˘to

crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of
leadership in cheerful service to others.÷ Together we can continue the
good work that has been begun.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Mike Pavlovich
Coastal Chapter Advisor
2000 Philmont Contingent Leader

Advisor's Minute                                   J. Corpening ˛
Klahican Lodge Advisor

Dear Brother,
 It is my privilege to greet you for the first time as Adviser for
Klahican Lodge.  At the outset, let me extend thanks on behalf of each
of us to Jim Strawbridge for his faithful service to the lodge as
adviser for the last 10 years.  Mr. Strawbridge is not leaving us, but
has become actively involved on the Region level as a Region Committee
member and as Region Adviser for the Order of the Arrow.  This new
volunteer position takes Mr. Strawbridge across the Southern Region (13
states) to attend meetings, National Leadership Seminars, and other
training events.  Congratulations on a job well done here and on your
new position in Scouting!
 Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to avoid the
post-conclave blues and attend the May Fellowship.  Many lodges
experience a decline in participation following conclaves because of the

monstrous effort required to produce the event.  We turned many heads
with our conclave, and now we have an opportunity to continue to turn
heads by the level of our commitment to our lodge.  We have much to do,
you and I.  We have several important projects in May and we need your
help!  The totem poles which were carved at conclave need to be set in
the ground.  Tents need to be set up.  Some brush piles still need to be

moved to the dump.  Your lodge Key 3 has met several times in the past
few weeks identifying projects which are significant and meaningful to
the camp and you.  We are also working with Vice-Chief of Activities
Hall Sigmon to add some fun to the fellowship!
 The May Fellowship marks the last Ordeal of this election year.  Across

the council new elections are being conducted for summer callout.  May
also marks an opportunity for Ordeal members to seal their membership in

the order by achieving Brotherhood membership.  If you have been an
Ordeal member for 10 months, please take advantage of this special
 Conclave 2000 was a spectacular event which highlighted leadership and
talent of many of our members, both youth and adult.  At the forefront
of this mountaintop experience for our lodge were Lodge Chief and
Conclave Chairman Nathan Finnin and Conclave Adviser John Fort.  Their
leadership was evident when piece after piece of the puzzle fell
together for a spectacular weekend.  At the Section level, our own Kevin

Anderson provided outstanding leadership as Section Chief.  On the home
front, so many of you shone that it is impossible to list each and every

one of the more than 220 of you who volunteered.  Some significant
highlights need to be noted, however.
 To the 8 members of the cook crew headed by John Julien and the
volunteer servers in the food lines, we say thank you.  You had an
overwhelming task, and did the job with cheerfulness and your usual
gifts, even in the midst of 1000 hungry arrowmen!  A special word of
thanks needs to be extended to John Julien, who is retiring as head of
the cook crew after many years of service.  John is going to do some
traveling, then come home to go to NOAC with us.
 To Mike Pavlovich and his chuckwagon crew, I want to offer a personal
word of thanks.  You guys fed me when I got too busy to eat in the
dining hall.  The Jalapeno Burger was a highlight.  Through the weekend
this crew put out hot food and snacks as Arrowmen went from event to
event.  Outstanding job!
 To Will Rabon, Steve Aiken, David Harling, committee members and to
each of the Troops who served as Campsite Hosts we say thank you.  This
is a thankless job to some extent since you tend to get stuck in your
campsite, but you perform an invaluable service to our visitors by
extending the cheerful spirit of our lodge to them, and by providing
security for the campsites.  I know your hospitality is one of the
memories taken home by each of the lodges.
 To Jeremy Lane, John Hall, Berry French, Wendy Purser and the entire
shows crew, I can only say WOW!  You produced two outstanding shows in
the face of nature's spitballs.  Outstanding!  Your shows provided the
catalyst for the spirit which the National Chief noted as being the most

spectacular he had seen anywhere.  Tremendous!
 To Jim Taylor, Jan Eldridge, Maurice Williams and others who worked
behind the scenes with registration, we are grateful for all of your
efforts, even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty
responsibilities.  You had perhaps the most challenging and frustrating
job of conclave, but you brought it off.  Thanks.
 To Hall Sigmon, Tim Middleswarth, Adam Estep and the crew of the
support/clean up crew, thanks for keeping us clean and moving whatever
needed to be moved.  It is amazing how much trash 1000 people can
generate, but I know that you guys saw it all.  Well done.
At the totem pole site, Leonard Tootill and Jerry Chavis did a fantastic

job of handling our own totem pole and making sure other lodges had a
good time while crafting some outstanding poles.  Leonard and Jerry
handle our totems each conclave, often missing the rest of conclave.
This is a tremendous sacrifice on your parts, and we thank you.
 To Duncan Regan, and to Roy and Gail Risley, the delegate handbook was
great!  Thanks for all of your pre-conclave work getting that together.
Duncan and his newsletter staff put out some great newsletters during
conclave to supplement the Apensui.
 To Derek Boyd, Sam Pitts, and Rob Shaffer, thanks for handling security

and parking.  I know that you guys felt removed from conclave by meeting

each arrival at the bridge, but it is an important job and you did it
 To Quinn Thomas (Most Valuable Runner in the Mideastern 4A Conference
Track Meet, 1st in the 800, 1st in the 1600, anchor on the 1st place 4x
800 relay, and 2d in the 3200, all in the same day!) and Barbara
Saunders and the entire trading post crew, thanks for all of your hard
work.  There were some great items for sale, and you greeted everyone
with a smile.  Well done.
 To Brad Corpening, Woody Meadows and others who welcomed everyone to
conclave, thanks for the cheery ˘welcome to conclave÷ which you used to
greet each car that entered camp.  Thanks for all you did.
 To Greg Still and J.L. Campbell, thanks for the great job you did with
Indian Affairs.  Wahissa and Croatan had what they needed to run the
competitions, and the competitions ran well even in the face of bad
weather.  It just goes to show that a plan B can work too!
 Finally, to our resident doctors for the weekend, Joe Kittinger, Wayne
Varner, and Buddy Mozingo, who along with Bill French handled the Health

Lodge all weekend, we offer a special thanks.  We have seen serious
health issues arise at events before.  Your presence was invaluable.
Thanks for giving your time.
 I also want to congratulate some special members of our lodge who
achieved distinction during this conclave.  Tommy Cleveland was awarded
the Founders Award.  The ˘web team÷ of Sam Pitts and Rob Shaffer won the

Web Page Competition.  If you haven't seen the pictures of conclave on
the web page yet, make sure you check them out.  The newly formed dance
team of Brad Corpening, Steve Covington, Nathan Criser, Lee Pavlovich,
and Ryan Devine won the Team Dance Competition.  In the individual dance

competition, Ryan won the Straight Dance category, and Brad placed
second in Grass Dance.  Our Quest for the Golden Arrow team brought home

the gold for the second time in the last 3 years.  Way to go guys!!!
(and a special thanks to Tommy Cleveland who literally rounded up enough

team members at the last minute to be able to compete.)
 I know that I probably missed someone in trying to go through the list
of committees and competitors, but the truth is that each one of you who

participated in conclave deserve the thanks of the lodge and the section

for your efforts.  I challenge you now to maintain your level of
involvement.  The spark is there, already glowing.  Fan it now, feed it
until it is a fire!
 See you in May for fun, fellowship, significant service and lodge
elections!  DON'T FORGET TO REREGISTER FOR THE EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Brother,
J. Corpening
Klahican Lodge Advisor

Klahican Lodge #331
Cape Fear Council, B.S.A.
P.O. Box 7156
Wilmington, NC 28406

                 Summer Fellowship Preregistration form
                          May 12-14, 2000

 ____ Yes, I will be attending the Summer fellowship. I am enclosing

 ____ Yes, I plan to attend the Summer fellowship. I will pay my $4.00
on arrival at camp.
 I understand that I obligate myself to pay even if I do not attend.

                        Brotherhood Candidates

 ____ Yes I intend to seal my membership in the Order of the Arrow by
completing my Brotherhood. I am enclosing $17.00

 ____ Yes I intend to seal my membership in the Order of the Arrow by
completing my Brotherhood. I will pay my $17.00 on arrival at camp. I
understand that I obligate myself to pay even if I do not attend.

 Name ______________________________________ Chapter__________________

   Mail to: Cape Fear Council , P.O. Box 7156 , Wilmington, NC 28406
If you call the council office 910-395-1100 and ask to be put on the
"will pay" list you will be considered preregistered.