Volume IV, Issue V               Cape Fear Council 425             June 2000

The Nendawen (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of Klahican
Lodge #331, Order of the Arrow, B. S. A. It is published monthly to
share information related to Scouting and/ or The Order of the Arrow. 
We encourage Articles, Announcements or Artwork. Items for the July
Nendawen are due June 20th . Please send them to:
Samuel Pitts,  Nendawen Editor,  2825 Willow St., Wilmington, NC 28405
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Lodge Officers

Nathan Finnin  - Lodge Chief
Jeremy Lane  - Vice Chief of Administration
Hall Sigmon  - Vice Chief of Activities
Brad Corpening  - Vice Chief of Ceremonies
Quinn Thomas  - Treasurer
Josh Suggs  - Secretary
Jay Corpening  - Lodge Advisor
Patrick Boykin  - Professional Advisor

The Nendawen Staff

Samuel Pitts Editor
Rob Shaffer Assistant Editor
Jim Taylor Publications Mentor,
& Cyber Publicist

Hail to the Chief
Nathan Finnin,  Lodge Chief
Dear Brothers,
    Summer is finally here!!! As we start going off on our summer
ventures, I hope that you all remain safe and sound. I am currently
working at our Council's summer camp, Camp Bowers. As you may know, our
lodge holds a tap out Ceremony every Wednesday night. I would like to
personally invite you to come and visit with us on those nights.
    Post Conclave reports have been very positive. I would again like to
thank you for all of your hard work. Not having to plan for this event
for another six years will be very relaxing!!!! It is now time to start
thinking about bringing the Conclave awards back to where they belong,
the Klahican Lodge!!
    As I wrap this letter up, I ask that you take a moment to think
about your role as an arrowman in our lodge, and your troop. Wearing 
our patch distinguishes us as leaders. There are many scouts who look up to
you as leaders, and role models. I hope that you are all molding our
younger scouts for the better!!!

As the Spirit Leads,
Nathan Finnin , Lodge Chief

A Message from the Lodge Chief Elect
Derrick Boyd , Lodge Chief Elect
Dear Brothers,
    What a Conclave!! I hope and trust that everyone in our lodge, as
well as, in the rest of the section had a wonderful and memorable
experience. I would like to thank all who worked on committees for
making this a wonderful event. I only hope we have that much fun next
     I bet some of our Ordeal members are asking what a Conclave is.
Conclave is like the Council Jamboree of the Order of the Arrow. I 
would also like to see you there next year. I encourage all new Ordeal 
members to come back and fellowship with us in the fall.
     As some of you know, I will be the upcoming Lodge Chief next year.
Josh Suggs will be taking my place as Chapter Chief of Lakes Chapter. I
am proud to say how much our chapter has grown. We will have our next
meeting at the Fall Fellowship.
     I challenge all chapters to bring as many arrowmen as possible to
our next fellowship. The more, the better. I would also like to ask 
that all arrowmen in Klahican Lodge to support the new officers for next
year. I am proud to say that I will have the pleasure of working with,
Quinn Thomas; Vice-Chief of Administration, Brad Corpening; Vice-Chief
of Activities, Hall Sigmon; Vice-Chief of Ceremonies, Samuel Pitts;
Treasurer, and Rob Shaffer; Secretary next year. See you in the fall.

Yours in WWW,
Derrick Boyd, Lodge Chief 2000-2001

Vice Chief's Message
Brad Corpening,  Lodge Vice Chief of Ceremonies & Coastal Chapter Chief

     I would like to comment on the lack of attendance at our last
Ordeal. With elections going on I would have thought that more members
would show up. Nevertheless, the incoming Lodge Executive Committee is 
a good one.
    On a brighter note, the dance team performed wonderfully at the 
Pack 226 Crossover Ceremony at Camp Bowers and the Pack 200 Crossover
Ceremony at Hugh McCrae Park recently. Also, I would like to welcome J.
L. Campbell and David Bleaking to the dance team. Both of these 
arrowmen will be dancing at NOAC this summer. Thank you J. L. and David! If any
of you are interested in dancing, the dance team will be dancing at the
Wednesday campfires at Camp Bowers this summer. Come and watch, or call
me at 392-6888. Hope to see you there.
     For Coastal Chapter Members, don't forget we start back with our
regular meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month in August. Have a
great summer. See you at 7 pm on August 22 at the First Baptist
Activities Center, corner of Independence and Canterbury.

Yours in Service,
Brad Corpening, Vice-Chief Ceremonies & Coastal Chapter Chief

Minutes of the May Lodge Executive Committee Meeting

     The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) was called to order on Sunday
May 14, 2000 in the Camp Bowers Dining Hall at 7: 30 a. m. Those 
present were: Nathan Finnin, Lodge Chief; Brad Corpening, Vice Chief of
Ceremonies & Coastal Chapter Chief; Hall Sigmon, Vice Chief of
Activities; Austin Morris, Western Chapter Chief; Samuel Pitts,
Publications Chairman; and Rob Shaffer, Lodge Secretary Elect. (Those
not present: Jeremy Lane, Vice Chief of Administration; Quinn Thomas,
Treasurer; Josh Suggs, Secretary; the Lakes and Central Chapter 
	 The meeting was opened with the Obligation of our order, followed
by the welcome from Nathan Finnin. Rob Shaffer, Lodge Secretary Elect
was called upon to take minutes since the Secretary was not present.
     The floor was opened to old business. The following reports were
given: Conclave went well and is over; Summer Camp Wednesday night OA
attendance needs improvement. A motion to close the floor to old
business was made and seconded.
     The floor was then open to new business. The following reports 
were given: The Lodge needs to start thinking about conclave themes; Region
One Day of Service committee needs a Lodge chairman and adviser;
Discussion about Lake Singletary State Park for One Day of Service;
Lodge officers elect to shadow the current officers; New Order of the
Arrow Troop Representative committee reports to VC-Admin. and needs a
chairman and adviser; Fall Fellowship date is September 8 -10; National
Order of the Arrow Conference date July 29-August 4; National 
Leadership Seminar date September 22 -24 Wirtz, VA; Motion to hold Banquet and
Lodge Leadership Development together and set a date of November 17-19.
Carried; Motion to hold next LEC June 7 after the campfire. Carried. A
motion to close the floor to new business was made and seconded
 Lodge Adviser J. Corpening was recognized for the Lodge Adviser's
Minute. Motion to table song until after lodge meeting, Carried.
The LEC  meeting was adjourned at 8: 02 a. m.

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Shaffer, Lodge Secretary Elect

Letter From the Editor
Samuel Pitts, Nendawen Editor

Dear Brothers,
     I would just like so say a big "Thank You" for the comments and
input on the new format of the Nendawen. We are still experimenting 
with some of setup. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact
me. We want to make this newsletter the Best in the country. I would
also like to thank Debra Pavlovich for printing the two color masthead
for us.
     We are still in need of more youth staff. If you are looking for a
way to help YOUR lodge, Please consider joining the Publications
Committee. It is one of the most important committees in the lodge, as
the Nendawen is the main communications link to the over 400 members of
Klahican Lodge. Currently the only members of the Nendawen Staff are
from Coastal Chapter. I would like at least one staff writer from each
chapter to help keep the rest of the lodge informed about what's going
on in your chapter. We need members to help with the typesetting of the
newsletter as well as brothers that are willing to help assemble the
newsletter. If you are interested or have any more questions, please
contact me.

Yours in WWW,
Samuel Pitts, Nendawen Editor Lodge Treasurer elect & Coastal Chapter
Chief elect

National Jamboree Staff Opportunities
The National Park Service is looking for a few good Venturers.
     Jim Poole, Boy Scout Program Manager at the National Park Service
and chairman of the Conservation Area at the 2001 Jamboree wants to
recruit 21 young men and women Venturers of various races and ethnic
backgrounds who have an interest in the environment and conservation.
If you are interested, contact: Jim_Poole@ nps. gov  202-565-1174

PS -You get to work in the shade

National Leadership Seminar
September 22-24, 2000  Wirtz, VA

     The National Leadership Seminar( NLS) is a weekend conference
focusing primarily on the skills and attributes of leadership. It is
intended primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the
Arrow's key youth and adult members as they seek to improve their
service to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community.
     Youth participants should be at least 15 years of age or a lodge
officer. Completion of the Lodge Leadership Development Program is
desirable. The seminar is an intensive experience in learning about the
nature of leadership and practicing some of the skills that leaders 

While it is designed to be fun, the course is also mentally 
challenging. Participant should be developmentally, physically, and mentally 
prepared to actively engage in an exhausting, invigorating weekend.
     At the end of the seminar, participants make a contract with
themselves to apply the skills learned in the seminar to projects in
their unit, lodge, council, and community.
     If you are interested in participating in NLS, Call Patrick Boykin
at The Cape Fear Council Office: 910-395-1100. Space is very Limited so
reserve your space soon.

The Advisers' Corner
Lodge Adviser
J. Corpening,  Lodge Adviser

Greetings, brothers.
     I hope that your scouting summer is well underway, and that you
have found the trails of high adventure and scout resident camp this
summer. While time off is beneficial, we have work to do.
     We had a group of about 30 arrowmen turn out for the May Ordeal
weekend. We were obviously missing most of you. Be prepared to get
active this fall. We want each and every one of you involved this year.
Fall Fellowship promises to be a special occasion, one which you will
not want to miss. In fact, I think you will find that each time we
gather will be a special event!
     To the Brothers who attended the May Ordeal weekend I want to say 
a special thank-you. For Bob, Pat, Leonard and Dan in the Kitchen who
worked under extraordinary circumstances, for the ceremony and dance
teams, for the tent crew, for the dock debris haulers, John Fort who
took the army tents back to Charlotte on Saturday morning, for our
newest Ordeal and Brotherhood members, I am grateful. We accomplished 
as much during this weekend as I ever remember. Well done!
     The dance team will be performing on Wednesday nights at camp
during June. Join them and take part in the Call Out Ceremony each
Wednesday in June.
     This fall we begin a new year with a new slate of officers.
Elections were held in May, and Derrick Boyd was elected Lodge Chief,
Quinn Thomas (3rd in the state in the mile run) was elected Vice Chief
of Administration, Brad Corpening was elected Vice Chief of Activities,
Hall Sigmon was elected Vice Chief of Ceremonies, Samuel Pitts was
elected Treasurer, and Rob Shaffer was elected Secretary. This is a
truly outstanding group of young men who are committed to you and this
lodge. They deserve your support. Contact any of the officers or call 
me if you are looking for a place to get involved. Have a great summer!

Yours in Service, J. Corpening
Lodge Adviser

Coastal Chapter Adviser
Mike Pavlovich, Coastal Chapter Advisor

Greetings Fellow Arrowmen,
     I would like to congratulate our new Lodge Officers on their
election. By the time that you read this article our new leadership for
will be elected and be busy preparing for an exciting new Lodge year. I
know that these guys will continue the hard work and extra effort that
have made our Lodge among the best.
     Summer camp season is here. We need to encourage all of our fellow
Scouts to attend summer camp. Don't forget that one of the requirements
for election into the Order of the Arrow is to attend a BSA long-term
camp of at least five days within the last two years. Keep in mind that
encouraging Scouts to participate in all of their camping opportunities
is one of the things that our Order is about.
     If you are up at Camp Bowers this summer camp season or have a way
to get there be sure to participate in the OA Campfire and Calling Out
Ceremony on Wednesday night. This is a special opportunity for us to
represent our Lodge to parents, Scouts, and other folks interested in
Scouting. Your help and participation will be greatly appreciated.
     There are a couple of excellent leadership training opportunities
coming up in the second half of this year that you should consider
participating in if at all possible. At the time of this writing there
were still some slots left for the National Leadership Seminar in 
Wirtz, Virginia. The dates of this event are September 22-24, 2000. Keep in
mind that we may not have any slots next year. I had the opportunity to
participate in this seminar in 1999 and found this training to be most
rewarding. If you are interested in participating in the National
Leadership Seminar then you need to sign up immediately.
     Our Lodge Leadership Development will be held on November 17-19,
2000 in conjunction with our Lodge Banquet on November 17. This is a
"must attend" event for all Lodge and Chapter officers as well as any
Arrowman who expects to hold a  leadership position in the Lodge,
Chapter, Scouting, or Life in general. This means YOU!!!!!!! All youth
Lodge members are invited to attend this training. Let's have a good
showing from our Coastal Chapter for both the Lodge Banquet and the
Lodge Leadership Development weekend.
     Keep in mind that we in Coastal Chapter will not meet through the
summer. Our next scheduled Chapter meeting is August 22. Remember that
is the fourth Tuesday of the month, not the last. I will see you all
then if not before.

Mike Pavlovich,Coastal Chapter Adviser

Calendar of Events

June 4-10 -Camp Bowers week 1
June 7 -OA campfire & June Lodge Executive Committee Meeting -Camp
June 11-17 -Camp Bowers week 2
June 14 -OA campfire -Camp Bowers
June 18-24 -Camp Bowers week 3
June 21 -OA campfire -Camp Bowers
June 25-July 1 -Camp Bowers week 4
June 28 -OA campfire -Camp Bowers
July 29-Aug 3 -National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)
Sept 8-10, 2000 -Fall Ordeal and Fellowship
Sept. 22-24, 2000 National Leadership Seminar (For more info contact
Lodge Chief or Adviser)
Oct 20-21, 2000 -BSA New Millennium 2000 Celebration -Lake Waccamaw
November 17, 2000 Lodge Banquet
November 17-19, 2000 Lodge Leadership Development Course


 The  Executive Committee of Klahican Lodge 331 proudly presents the
2000 NOAC flap. This patch continues the 2000 Millennium theme of the
Cape Fear Council CSP, the Philmont contingent and the summer camp
activity patch There will be a limited supply of this patch available.
All proceeds will be used to finance the youth contingent to Knoxville,
TN for the 2000 NOAC. Each flap will be sold for $5.00 postage 

Make checks payable to: Cape Fear Council.
Order Form
KLAHICAN LODGE 331 2000 NOAC FLAP (print clearly)

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City State Zip _____________________________________
Qty. of patches ____ @ $5.00 ea. Total $ _______
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