VOLUME v_________________________________________________SEPTEMBER, 1999
The "Nendawen" (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of  KLAHICAN
LODGE, 331, Order of  the Arrow, B.S.A. It is published periodically to
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Risley,  686-9866,  ASST. ADVISOR: Bill Miller, 686-1137,           
LODGE CHIEF: Nathan Finnin- PROFESSIONAL  ADVISOR: Patrick Boykin,
395-1100 -LODGE ADVISOR: Jim Strawbridge


August  24    Coastal Chapter Meeting-7 pm-First Baptist Activity Ctr.
September 17-19   Fall Ordeal & Brotherhood at Camp Bowers*
September  28-Coastal Chapter Meeting-7 pm (always the 4th Tuesday)
October 8-9     OA workday at Camp Bowers*-Conclave 2000 preparations
October 22-23    OA workday, Council of Chiefs meeting at Camp Bowers
November 12     Annual Lodge Banquet-National OA Chief, guest speaker
November 13    OA workday at Camp Bowers*-bring your tools / food
[All Chapters should have their meeting dates & places here]

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*Lodge will provide drinks

Jeremy Lane, Lodge Vice Chief & former Coastal Chapter Chief
Wishing you a speedy recovery !

from the Section Chief...
Kevin Anderson.......SR  7b Chief

Brothers of Klahican 331,
     I just returned from the National Leadership Summit in Fort
Collins, Colorado with Patrick Boykin and Lodge Advisor Jim Strawbridge.
We all had a blast!  Some of the information that was unveiled to us is
really going to be beneficial for the lodge~ I got to meet a ton of
people from around the country. That was probably the coolest thing for
me. Our Lodge and our Section seem to be top notched in all aspects of
program and administration, when compared to the rest of the nation.
     I had a chance to talk with Will Parker, the National Chief, and he
is really excited about coming to our Winter banquet and our One Day of
Service.  He is an awesome person and I can't wait until he gets to meet
all the brothers from Klahican!
    Jim Strawbridge will be with Will and I at the Southern Region
gathering in Atlanta, Ga. on Sept. 3-5. All twelve of the Section in the
Southern Region will be strongly represented. As it looks now, Tommy
SR7b Advisor, Ted Williams, Staff Advisor, Jason Kemp, VC-Program,
William Highsmith, Sec., and myself will be representing SR 7b at this
gathering.  I will be sure to give everyone a full report when I return.
    On Sept. 10-12, I will be in Wirtz,Va. on staff for the National
Leadership Seminar. I was thrilled to hear that nine of the 60
participants will be from Klahican Lodge!  This should be proof that we
are a force to be reckoned with. There are 23 lodges that are eligible
to send delegates to this NLS and Klahican has  1 out of every 6 there! 
Coastal Chapter Advisor Jay Corpening will be joining me on the Staff.
We should be very proud of our participation-you guys are simply
    Fall Fellowship is going to be a blast.. I was invited by
Occoneechee and Wahissa to come to their fellowships on this weekend,
but turned them down  so 
I can chill with you guys! Bring a brother and join us for a great time. Well I guess I will let your eyes rest! Ha ! You thought I wasn't going to mention CONCLAVE 2000! Fellas, this is our baby! WE control this thing. If you aren't signed up to be on a committee, ask Nathin Finnin which one you should be on. There is a list of committees on my webpage at: Tommy Cleveland is "living it up in the land down under". Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Please bear with me, as I update the Klahican website. The address is still: Before I close, I want you all to check out the awesome new Back Patch that will represent Section SR7b. This terrific patch is huge!- 8"embroidered on black felt with silver mylar threads and a cut edge with a plastic back. Thanks go to Roy Risley-Klahican Coastal Chapter for the design and production. Watch for the preorder forms. I know everyone will want one of these beauties for wearing or for their collections! Yours in WWW Kevin Anderson, SR 7b Chief ======================================================================== ==================================== This one is a "keeper", but should also become a hot trading item. be sure to watch for the pre- order forms coming later this fall ! (graphic-SR 7b Back Patch) ======================================================================== ===================================== From the CHIEF Nathan Finnin, klahican Lodge Chief...'99-'00 Dear Brothers, I hope you all had a great summer, and are looking forward to a great Lodge and Scouting year. We hope to see all of you at the Fall Fellowship on September 17-19 at Camp Bowers. The Order of the Arrow can be a very rewarding organization, but only if YOU get involved and if you let it. You, the members, chosen by your units as exemplary Scout Campers are the foundation of this organization. Without you, there would be no need for the organization. Get involved-at the Chapter Level and at the Lodge Level to gain the maximum benefit. Join us in the Fellowships and Beaver Weekends-I'm sure if you give it a try, you'll enjoy it. We are working very hard for Conclave 2000, and can use all of your help at our Lodge workdays. If you have been an ordeal member for ten months, we would like you to seal your member- ship by becoming a Brotherhood member. We will be offering Brotherhood counseling, and will hold a Brotherhood Ceremony at the Fall Fellowship. We are always looking for Elangomats to help ensure a quality ordeal. If you are interested in trying this important position, please contact your Chapter Chiefs. EVERYBODY has a place in this organization, and we can help you find YOURS ! Yours in Service Nathan Finnin Lodge Chief-1999-2000 ======================================================================== ========================= FROM WAY DOWN UNDER WITH Tommy Cleveland-past Chief Dear Brothers, This is great ! I feel like the guy on "Fraggle Rock" who they always got postcards from, telling all the other Fraggles of his adventures from around the world ! Well, I have been "down under" now for over a month, all is well and I'm getting used to things here. At the moment, it is the Sunday after the second week of school. It has been a very weird week- end, in that it is the first weekend in a very long time, that I have not had something planned. I have been busy as always the majority of the time I have been here though. There's so much to do, including learning English-Aussie style. I have big plans for several long trips around the country, and I am even taking a class that goes on two, 4 day backpacking fieldtrips. Last night, I toured the downtown and experienced a bit of new culture. So long for now. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's smiling faces when I get back! Yours in WWW Tommy (Ed note: We'll be happy to seen your smiling face too, Tommy, and hear of your wonderful adventures and experiences. Via con Dios) ======================================================================== ================================= around the SOUTHERN REGION WITH john isley southern region chief Arrowmen, This summer has been an extremely busy one in the Southern Region. We have had active participation on all levels of the Order. We have had many arrowmen participate in both the Philmont Trail Crew and the Northern Tier OA Voyage. These arrowmen are at the forefront of what the Order is doing: Cheerful Service ! I had the opportunity to attend SR-1's Conclave in Texas. I had some AWESOME experiences. Some of these include "The Orbitron" and Chubby Bunny. The entire event was well planned and fun ! Congratulations to their new Chief, Ben Janke. I also was part of the planning team for the National Leadership Summit in Colorado. It was a great opportunity for the leadership of the OA to come together from all levels and talk about the direction we are heading. We unveiled four main points: The new role of the Section, The Troop representative program, the new Lodge Leadership Development program and the quality lodge requirements. In addition to all this, we had electives for each delegate to attend. The Southern Region cracker-barrel was awesome. We had some pies thrown, cake eaten, soft drinks chugged, marshmallows stuffed, balloons shaved, and an overall good time. Thanks to all who participated. Here is an SR top ten from the Summit: 10-Kids hanging off my arms to get "The Wide card" 9-The ceremony and cool patch at the closing assembly 8-The ska band 7-Summer School students 6-Dancing with the pink gorilla 5-Hanging with Kola, the host lodge 4-Playing the National Committee in basketball 3-Who is that under all that whipped cream??? 2-Interactive Learning 1-Can you say, "I LOVE My Chubby Bunny"? Many things are happening this fall. I will keep in touch. As the Spirit Leads, John Isley Southern Region Chief ======================================================================== ====================================== WWWWOMEN by Wendy Purser-Klahican Lodge Dear Brothers, I had the greatest summer vacation at Cherokee Boy Scout Camp. Unfortunately, the air conditioning in my tent was not working, but other than that, I had a great time! I had a tent to myself, so I had plenty of room to throw my belongings about. The second night, someone decided to celebrate the 26th of July (?), with a firecracker barrage at 3:00 am on the trail behind my tent. The next day, to finish the celebrations, two scouts tried to raise a third scout up the flag pole. Needless to say, the third scout was not aware of the celebratory custom, and I had to step in and refer them back to their Scoutmaster on the "proper" way to celebrate the 26th of July. The events of the day, for Leaders, were rocking chair races and power napping in hammocks (after the providing of rides, etc. were done). I came in a close 3rd in the hammock event but I excelled in the rocking chair races. In this race, I met some of the most interesting leaders and shared many a tall tale. The highlight of the week was the horseshoe tournament between Scoutmasters and Staff. My new friend Carol and I did the "wave" to help cheer our fellow leaders on. Afterwards, totally exhausted, we ate homemade ice cream and resumed the rocking chair races. The leaders lost the tournament, but the Staff was nice enough to relinquish their prize of a camp hat to the leaders. During the rest of the week, I save a pup hit by a car on the road, earned the Climb Safely Certificate, learn to belay, hung out with the motor boating class that I drove to the lake, and tried to find the answer to Charlie Ammon's question, "What is Purple?" But the most fun and enlightening experience I had was working with a disabled Scout we "adopted" for the week. Steven Vance had been in an automobile accident when he was 6 and was partially paralyzed to the point where walking any distance was a challenge. I don't consider him disabled at all! I believe now that "disabled" is a state of mind that too may of us suffer from. Steven showed me what Scout Spirit is and how everyday occurrences can be an obstacle to some people. We may take some things for granted but some people face obstacles all day, every day. It is their spirit that keeps them going, with a smile on their face that they share with us. I can't wait to go to camp next year.......How about you? (insert cartoon) Articles and input to the WWWWomen column is greatly appreciated. Won't you please write the next article? ======================================================================== ===================================== Advisor's Corner Jay Corpening, Coastal Chapter Advisor Brothers, So many important things have taken place this summer, I thought I would depart from the format a little for my remarks this month. Sadly, former Coastal Chapter Chief, and current Lodge Vice Chief Jeremy Lane was involved in a terrible accident while traveling in Florida with Brother Steven Covington. Steven was not involved, but Jeremy was on a moped and hit a truck! Fortunately, he was WEARING A HELMET, but sustained facial injuries that required extensive reconstructive surgery . He is home and recuperating,. His spirits are good, and he is looking forward to continuing as an active member of this lodge. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Please note, the emphasis on "he was WEARING A HELMET" for all of you daredevils who think it can never happen to you. Jeremy would not be with us if he hadn't been wearing a helmet. Best wishes to Jeremy on his continued recovery. The Cape Fear Council High Adventure Program was one of the best in the entire region this year. On group trekked 56 miles in the Nan= tahala Mountain region of the Appalachian Trail. Another group hiked and climbed in the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. Still another group enjoyed the sand and sea while exploring the Outer Banks region by water in sea kayaks. Stay tuned for more exceptional opportunities avail-able to you next summer! One opportunity to start thinking about and saving for is the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, N.M. See articles in this issue by Contingent Leader Mike Pavlovich about the 2000 trek, and by Nathan Finnin, who just returned from the OA Trail Crew. Consider the Northern Tier Wilderness trip - ask Duncan Regan and his Dad about it - they just returned ! In addition, it's not too early to consider the National Jamboree in 2001. We will be putting together a contingent from this council. Start making plans to take part in these "mountain top experiences" (no pun intended, Nathan) of Scouting. Kevin Anderson, our own fearless Section Chief, and I will be on staff for the National Leadership Seminar in Wirtz, Va. on Sept.10-12. Jason Kemp, Vice Chief of our Section has been selected as a Morehead Scholar and will attend UNC next year. Jason is a member of Wahissa 118, is an Eagle Scout, and has spent several years on camp staff at Raven Knob. The moral of this story is that people take notice when you are a committed Scout and Arrowman. You are specially chosen "honor campers" by your peers to be members of our Order. If you are not involved, make it a goal to be so this year. If you are involved, bring your membership to a higher level. Our year to host a Conclave is 2000. This is your opportunity to help make our Lodge shine as the bright star of our Section! Remember, what you wear is not just a pocket's a commitment ! Yours in Service Jay Corpening, Coastal Chapter Advisor ======================================================================== ==================================== PHILMONT 2000 - "what ? You haven't been to Philmont at least once"? Greetings Fellow Arrowmen, I would like to invite each of you who meet the requirements to apply for the Cape Fear Council 2000 Phil- mont Contigent. This trip promises to be better than ever. We will be backpacking in Scouting's paradise for 10 days as well as visiting the Koshare Indian Kiva and rafting some of America's best whitewater. Applicat- ions are being sent to all Scouts who may qualify as well as Scoutmasters of all units. You must be a registered Boy Scout, in good physical condition and be 14 years of age by Jan. 1,2000 to apply. The dates are 7/19 - 8/5,2000 plus 3 other required training trips prior to the Philmont trek. The cost is $1,300. Applications must be completed and received at the Council Office by 4:30 pm on September 30, 1999, and include a $100 deposit. With 18 slots available, selection for the Contingent will be made by the Philmont Committee based on your application. If you have any questions, contact the Council Office @ 910/395-1100 or myself @ 910/686-0321. This is the opportunity to participate in a truly life changing experience. I hope you'll apply as soon as possible and prepare for one of Scouting's greatest challenges. Yours in Scouting, Mike Pavlovich ======================================================================== ==================================== CONCLAVE 2000.................Y2Konclave Fellow Arrowmen, On behalf of the Conclave planning committee, I would like to thank all who have helped for their contributions to Conclave 2K. If you are not on a committee, please contact the Lodge Chief, or Conclave Chairman, as I'm sure he'd be happy to help you find your niche. We all need to work together to make the "Y2Konclave", a great one. I hope to see many of you at the workday at the Fall Fellowship. It would also be a great time for you to get involved with a Conclave Committee. Conclave will be a very exciting event, but we cannot afford to make it an embarrassing one. We have the resources to make this conclave extraordinary. We just have to come together as a team. If you have any questions on how you can help...PLEASE CONTACT ME AT: or call me at home. Can't wait to see you in September. As the Spirit Leads, Nathan Finnin, Conclave 2000 Chairman ======================================================================== ==================================== Yours for Life Become a Klahican for Life My Brothers, The patch shown at the right is the newly ordered patch issued to Life members of the Lodge. This is a restricted patch available only to those brothers who subscribe to life membership in Klahican Lodge. Each life member is entitled to receive two patches upon payment of the life membership fee of $100.00 and annually in January, may purchase one additional patch for $20.00. The requirements for life membership are shown below. If you are tired of the annual dues hassle, consider: $100/$7 per year = 14.29 years. If you are in Scouting for the long haul, like many of us, this is a good deal. Plus, you get a new patch that provides financial support to the lodge. Bills for dues have recently been mailed out. If you have already paid your $7.00, for $93.00 more, you can upgrade to Life Membership, and never have to worry about it again. Yours in the Brotherhood, James Taylor LIFE MEMBERSHIP Purpose: To encourage participation through advancement in the Order of the Arrow and to maintain a budget to operate in a proficient manner. Cost of Life Membership: A one time payment of $100.00, which includes: (2) Life Patches, (1) Laminated card, & your name placed in the Permanent Life Member Ledger Rules: 1.Must be Brotherhood 2.Must be a registered Scout or Scouter to be eligible for active Life Membership. 3. Any registered Scouter who is an active member of the Lodge, meets the Brotherhood requirement, and is at least 80 years old at the time of adoption of these rules is hereby automatically made a Life Member. 4. All Life registration and purchases of Life Patches must be made thru the Lodge Treasurer at Lodge functions. No exceptions. 5. An inventory of all patches and records must be made every two (2) months. This will be conducted and checked by the Treasurer, the Treasurer Advisor, and Chief or Lodge Advisor. 6. The Treasurer will be responsible for any/all misplaced patches at $20.00each. 7. No purchases of more than one Life Patch per calendar at a cost of $20.00 each; January 1 being the beginning of the year. No carry-over purchases. 8. Funds may be expended from this account for the purchase of Life Patches, membership cards, and the annual payment of dues for active Life members. These rules adopted by the Lodge Executive Committee on February 13, 1993 and are to be attached to the Bylaws upon approval by the Council Executive. ======================================================================== =================================== KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP ACTIVE-PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES PROMPTLY ======================================================================== ==================================== the WILD, WEIRD & WACKY coastal FALL CAMPOREE district OCTOBER 15-17, 1999 Dear Brothers, Once again, the Coastal Chapter has the privilege of hosting the Fall Camporee in the Coastal District. As the Camporee Chief, I want express how excited we are about it. Last year was a success and this year we hope will be even more so. We are working hard in the planning aspect but we need all the physical help possible. Meaning...STAFF MEMBERS. If you are interested in being on the Camporee Staff, call me right away at 799-9815 or Camporee Advisor, Mike Pavlovich at 686-0321. There are many ways you can serve at this year's Camporee. We have activities, events, shows, and other FUN areas. At this coming Chapter meeting, we are voting on the patch design, so come and have a voice. Speaking of voice. I want everyone to have a voice in the Order of the Arrow. What is a "voice" ? A voice is your presence in the Lodge. Actions are your voice. Telling us your ideas is your voice. Your "voice" becomes heard when you start showing interest in the Order, Everyone in this Lodge was given a voice when you completed the Ordeal. It is heard when you show interest and when your actions back the interest, your voice becomes a Yell. My goal and the Lodge's goal are to be able to be heard all the way in outer space! With the voice you were given, I want you to start yelling. I hope I can hear the noise at this next Chapter meeting. Until then, please stretch your vocal cords. (Ed note: Your voice is also the "Nendawen"-Write articles for it) Yours in WWW, Quinn Thomas, Coastal Chapter Chief/V-C of Finance ======================================================================== ==================================== Greetings Fellow Arrowmen of Japeechan Chapter, Once again, it is time for our Coastal District Fall Camporee. With this popular district event, we in Japeechan have been given the opportunity to cheerfully serve our fellow Scouts through one of our primary responsibilities,that of camping promotion. This event is also a lot of fun! This year's date for our FALL CAMPOREE is OCTOBER 15-17, 1999. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DATE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE COUNCIL CALENDAR DATE. Our site is located near the Intracoastal Waterway in Brunswick County. We are working hard to plan this event and we need your help to make this year's Camporee the best ever ! Whether you are on the Camporee Staff or are attending with your troop, it is important to encourage all of our Coastal District Scouts and Scouters to participate in whatever way they can. I hope all of you will be at our next two Chapter meetings on Aug.24 & Sept.28, and will prepare to help in what ever way is needed to make this important district event a successful one. We need your help to put on a high quality event that will reflect the high quality of our chapter. This is also an opportunity to work on some of our skills for Conclave 2000. I look forward to working with all of you to help make this year's Fall Camporee an event for all our coastal district scouts to remember. Yours Truly in Scouting, Mike Pavlovich ======================================================================== =================================== The philmont experience the pinnacle of scouting adventure Dear Brothers, This past summer I was lucky enough to attend Philmont Scout Ranch's "Order of the Arrow" Trail Crew. This was definitely the pinnacle of my Scouting experiences. The Trail Crew is a fourteen day experience. The first week focuses on conservation. My crew built a trail on the "Tooth of Time" one of Philmont's most renown mountains. It was both an honor and a privilege. The second week is a seven day backpacking trip that is designed by the participants, as a crew. As a trail crew, we had opportunities to hike mountains that a normal trek would not. My crew summited "Little Castia", a mountain in the National Forest. Little Castia offers 12,592 feet of challenging terrain, including many false peaks. Philmont's highest peak is only 12,441 feet. The Order o f the Arrow is a challenging journey physically, mentally and spiritually. I would recommend this program to any dedicated Arrowman. The Trail Crew experience only costs One Hundred dollars, which is substantially cheaper than a normal trek. I can honestly say that Philmont is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! Yours in Brotherhood, Nathan Finnin (insert graphic images of Philmont)