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The "Nendawen" (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of  KLAHICAN 
LODGE, 331, Order of  the Arrow, B.S.A. It is published periodically to 
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Arrow. To Submit  articles, artwork, or announcements, call any  staff 
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Nathan Finnin- PROFESSIONAL  ADVISOR: Patrick Boykin, 395-1100 -LODGE 
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Nov. 4       Central Chapter Meeting@United Methodist,Lumberton-7 PM 
                WILL PARKER, NATIONAL O/A CHIEF  with SR Chief John 
Isley   Don't miss this     
                chance to meet these outstanding young men AND show your 
KLAHICAN spirit! 
Nov. 13      National Day of Service-call your Chapter Advisor for 
details on how YOU can 
                  help out…"One Day of Cheerful Service" Nationwide! 
Nov. 20   Scouting for Food bag collection date       
Nov. 23    Coastal Chapter Meeting @ First Baptist Activity Center-7 PM 
Nov. 25    Thanksgiving Day 
Dec. 2      Central Chapter Meeting @ United Methodist, Lumberton, 7 PM 
Dec. 21    Coastal Chapter Meeting @ First Baptist Activity Center-7 PM 
Jan.7-9    Lodge Winter Fellowship-Camp Bowers-Famous Chili Cookoff time 
Jan.14-15   Carolina Indian Seminar-Statesville-call Mr. Boykin 
@395-1100 x25 for details 
"Calling all Chapters"- please send your meeting times/dates/locations 
for the next    
issue by the 3rd Sunday in November (Nov. 21 for the giant December 
This issue of the Nendawen is dedicated to 
A time for family, friends and counting your blessings 

Chapter & Camporee Chief says Thanks… 
by Quinn Thomas 

This is my final letter as Coastal Chapter Chief.  This past meeting, we 
held elections and Brad Corpening was elected to succeed me as chief. 
Congrats to him and I know he will do an excellent job.  It has been a 
great year in the Order, the Lodge, and the Chapter.  The Chapter 
meetings now have around 30 regular attendees and that is  the highest 
it has ever been.  The Chapter has sponsored two camporees and we have a 
great representation at Lodge functions.  I would like to thank the 
Chapter Adviser Mr Corpening for all his help and guidance.  I would 
like to thank my Vice Chief Brad Corpening, for supporting me and being 
there when needed.  And finally, I would like to thank all the members 
for making the Chapter what it is. 

The Coastal District Fall Camporee was held on Oct. 14-17. It was a very 
successful "half" a weekend because of the "hurricane."  The rail caused 
it to come to a close after an early campfire on Saturday night.  Please 
let us know what you thought of the camporee so we can know what we did 
right or what we can improve on.  Thanks to Mike Pavlovich and all the 
staff for their dedication. 
Thanks again for a great year as Coastal Chapter Chief.     Yours in WWW, 
                                                            Quinn Thomas 
                                                            Lodge Treasurer/Past Chapter Chief 

advisor's minute 
J.H. Corpening, Coastal Chapter Advisor 

Greetings, Brothers. 
        Congratulations to the new officers for Coastal Chapter. The new 
officers are: Brad Corpening, Chief, Steven Covington, Vice Chief, and 
Jeff Brumbaugh, Secretary.  Please give these officers your full support 
during the coming year.  I also want to express my heartfelt 
appreciation to Quinn Thomas for the outstanding work he did this year 
as Chapter Chief. Thanks Quinn! 
        Please take the time to attend our Chapter meetings. Involvement in the 
Chapter is the gateway to involvement in the Lodge. With Conclave 2000 
approaching, we need each and every one of you to be involved! 
        Don't forget to sign up for NOAC 2000. We are going to Knoxville, 
Tennessee and need to carry a huge contingent. Send $50.00 deposit to 
the Council Office now to hold your place. 
        Many of you have forgotten to pay your dues because the Fall Fellowship 
had to be rescheduled. Don't forget to pay your dues!!!  We want you to 
be an active member. 
                                                                           Yours in Service 
                                                                           J. Corpening 

Charles L. Sommers Northern Tier High Adventure Base-Ely, Minnesota 
by George Regan 

Our last stop at the Charles L. Sommers Northern Tier High Adventure 
Center at Ely, Minnesota was to file out of the van for a group picture 
at the entrance sign. Our crew consisted of Scoutmaster Jack Poltrock, 
Assistant Scoutmaster George Regan, Scouts John Poltrock and Duncan 
Regan of Troop 344, St. Pauls, NC and Scouts Juan Locklear, Brett 
Collins and Patrick Smith of Troop 27, Pembroke, NC. We had arrived 11 
days earlier to begin our adventure. Upon arriving, we met our 
"Interrupter," Charles Knutson. Charlie was a rising senior at the 
University of Minnesota and an Eagle Scout from Minneapolis who had 
already spent 100 days during his Scout career canoeing in the Boundary 
Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Our group was his fourth crew of the 
season. It was several days before we found out that he was also a 
defensive end for the "Golden Gophers" football team. 
Our first night and last night were spent in a crew cabin at the High 
Adventure Center and the nine days and eight nights between were spent 
in the Superior National Forest which are know as the Boundary Waters 
Canoe Area Wilderness. Minnesota is known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" 
and the Boundary Area Wilderness Canoe Area is the country's only 
million-acre canoe preserve. During those days, we dipped our canoe 
paddle into crystal-clear waters far from civilization. On several days, 
we would only see one or two other canoe groups. We listened to the 
lonely cry of the loon as the sun set. Each afternoon we would select a 
solitary campsite in a forest of scented pine and pick blueberries. 
Wildlife was abundant and we saw soaring Bald Eagles almost every day. 
In our nine days we traveled 90 miles on 50 different lakes, rivers and 
ponds and 53 portages. A portage is the trail between two lakes and is 
measured in rods, a rod being 16.5 feet, the length of a  standard 
canoe. Our shortage portage was five rods and our longest was two 
hundred forty rods. There were three people in each canoe and at each 
portage; one person carried the 75-pound canoe balanced on their 
shoulders. The second person would carry the food pack, which at the 
first of the trip weighed about 75 pounds and the third would carry the 
3-man Canoe pack that contained all the passages gear and weighed about 
60 pounds. Often these portages were up and down hills, over boulders, 
though the water and mud. Finding a few portages that we could walk and 
float our canoes though was a true joy. 
Each morning would start at first light. After breakfast, we would break 
camp, load our canoes and start our daily journey. About 1:30 p.m. each 
day we would start looking for our campsite After setting up our camp, 
collecting water for the evening meal, finding our bear trees for the 
night to safely hold our food and "smellables", there was time for 
fishing, swimming or just stretching out on the rocks in the sun. Our 
interrupter was an experience baker and often prepared muffins after our 
hearty evening meals. After cleaning up after the evening meal, 
collecting water for the breakfast meal, hanging the bear bag to 
discourage "uninvited guests," we would get together and review the day 
and review our maps for the following day's journey. Each evening ended 
with a devotional from books furnished by the base chaplain. 
Before we knew it, our trip was over and we returned to the Canoe Base 
for a hot shower, a visit to the sauna and another hearty meal in the 
base mess hall. 
 George Regan 

W a n t  t o  g o  ? 

For more information regarding the Charles L. Sommers  High Adventure 
Canoe Base, please contact the Council Office, or visit the voyage on 
the internet at:  Positions are 
available for one of the 13 day OA Trail Crew voyages in 2000.  Talk to 
your District Executive about this fantastic opportunity. 

"The Order of the Arrow is a thing of the out of doors rather than the 
indoors. It was born in an island wilderness. It needs the sun and rain, 
the woods and the plains, the waters and the starlit sky." 
                                                                E. Urner Goodman 


Section Chief's Corner
Kevin Anderson, SR 7B Chief
Dear Brothers,
The 1999 Fall Council of Chiefs meeting was held on Saturday October 23,
1999 at Camp Bowers.  All six lodges from SR-7B were in attendance, even
though a few were a little tardy.  The purpose for this meeting was
primarily to plan for the event that is going to shock the world!  That
is right, the 2000 Conclave hosted by Klahican Lodge!  Approximately 40
people were in attendance, including our very own Scout Executive, Mr.
Doug Clevinger, and National Order of the Arrow Committee member, Mr.
Charlie Sullivan.  Nathan Finnin, Klahican Lodge Chief and Conclave
Planning Chairman, did and excellent job promoting our Conclave at the
Please make arrangements to be in attendance for the Klahican winter
banquet and our One-Day of Service.  This year our guest speaker at the
banquet will be the 1999 National Order of the Arrow Chief, Will
Parker.  Will is an extraordinary person and is eager to come down to
Camp Bowers.  The Order of the Arrow Southern Region Chief, John Isley,
is also going to be at our banquet and One Day of Service Project!  This
is without a doubt a great honor for our lodge to have these two
individuals at two of our lodge's functions, so please make sure that
you come out and thank them for coming!  
I would like to encourage you to sign up for Conclave 2000 staff.  It is
imperative for us to have a large staff for this event.  We are
expecting somewhere between 800 and 1000 delegates at our Conclave, not
including the day guests that will be coming down.  There is definitely
a place for you on our Conclave staff, so please contact Nathan Finnin
at (910)-395-1300 and he will gladly assist you in determining which
committee you can best use your talents. 
Finally, I would like to take this time to thank Roy and Gail Risley
for their unselfish commitment to serving their brothers in SR-7B. 
These two individuals have given countless hours of their time to our
section and our lodge and that should not go without recognition.  They
truly exemplify what the Order of the Arrow stands for!
Yours in WWW,
Kevin Anderson SR-7B Chief 
 Remember This?

Klahican Lodge 331
Order of the Arrow
extends to you and your family
a cordial invitation to attend the 
Annual Lodge Banquet
1999 new Ordeal members
1999 Brotherhood members
National Order of the Arrow Chief Will Parker
Friday evening, 6:30 pm.
November 12, 1999
Camp McNeill Dining Hall
Cape Fear Scout Reservation
Highway 53
White Oak, North Carolina
11 Reasons why you should attend the Lodge Banquet

1. You are a member of Klahican Lodge 331, Order of the Arrow
2. The Banquet occurs only once a year
3. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the National Chief, Will Parker
4. To be able to meet the Southern Region Chief, John Isley
5. It is a chance to meet new brothers and greet old friends-the bonds
of Brotherhood
6. Enjoy an excellent catered buffet by "The Front Porch"
7. If you haven't seen Camp McNeill, this is your chance
8. Welcome the New Ordeal & Brotherhood Members
9. Show your Klahican LOYALTY, SPIRIT, & PRIDE
10.Already be at camp for the National Day of Service (Sat)
11.A Great night out at a bargain price ($10)
COMPARE: Movie $8 + dinner ?
Rent a movie?/Can you rent just one?
Thalian Hall & dinner $15 + Dinner
Arcade night?  lots of quarters
Putt Putt Golf + dinner $5 + ?
Myrtle Beach= astronomical

Join us for a great Banquet-send in your reservation now!
Dear Brothers,
     I would like to thank all of you for your patience with the
re-scheduling of our Fall Fellowship. As yet ANOTHER hurricane has
raised water levels, all of your help is needed to ensure that our camp
is in pristine condition come April. By the time that this letter is
published, I will have attended the Section Council of Chiefs, as both
the Lodge Chief, and as the Conclave Chairman. I want to thank Roy
Risley, and Jim Taylor for their hard work towards the design and
printing of the planbook. Special thanks also to Mr. Risley for
designing all the logos and memorabilia for Conclave 2000 and the host
lodge patches.
There are still plenty of positions available on our Conclave
committees. The Lodge needs you to get involved to make the first
Conclave of the millennium a success. The eyes of the entire Section
will be upon us in April. Please contact me at either, or (910) 395-1300, I would be more than happy
to find a position that best fits your abilities. 
Our Lodge banquet will be quite a blast, as the OA National Chief, Will
Parker will be in attendance as our keynote speaker and special guest,
accompanied by John Isley, the Southern Region Chief. Let's show our
Klahican Spirit and all come out to welcome him to "Klahican Country"!  
I hope that all of you are in attendance to enjoy his talk. 
Although the Fall Camporee sponsored by Coastal Chapter had to be ended
a little early due to the onslaught of Mother Nature, I understand all
who attended had a really good time. Quinn Thomas, Camporee Chairman and
Mr. Mike Pavlovich, Advisor put together a terrific event and are to be
commended for their efforts. One of the features was the operation of
the JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) in which Mr. Bill Moraine and scouts were
able to contact International Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland via
ham radio! What a thrill for young scouts to talk to other scouts
halfway around the world. Thanks Mr. Moraine!
I hope that all of our brothers faired well during this storm. There are
many people that have not been as lucky as we have, and I hope that all
of you are taking your "cheerful service" to another level. 
As the Spirit Leads,
Nathan Finnin
Klahican Lodge Chief
North Carolina Eagle Scout License Plate
  In 1998, The North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation to
create an Eagle Scout License Plate. The legislation was sponsored by
Representative Rick Eddins of Rolesville, and Governor Hunt has signed
the bill into law. To enact this law, councils across the state must
collect and certify the names of 300 people who have earned the Eagle
Scout Award and are willing to contribute $20 for each plate above and
the cost of a regular North Carolina license plate. The funds collected
are contributed to the North Carolina Roadside Beautification Fund and
are not used by the Boy Scouts of America.
  Plates may be purchased by Eagle Scouts or parents of Eagle Scouts.
All names will be certified. You may pick an application at the Council
Office.  Occoneechee Council will collect applications and funds for the
entire state and issue one payment to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
If 300 applications are not received, all fees will be returned.
Eagle Scout Reservation Fund
c/o Occoneechee Council, BSA
P.O. Box 41229
Raleigh, N.C. 27629-1229
Youth Liaison Position

The Order of the Arrow Troop/Team Representative will be a youth liaison
serving between the local OA lodge or chapter and his unit.  In his
unit, he will serve as a communication and programmatic link to and from
Arrowmen, adult leaders and Scouts who are not presently members of the
Order. He will do this in a fashion that strengthens the mission of the
lodge, purpose of the Order and the missions of the Boy Scouts of
America. By setting a good example, he will enhance the image of the
Order as a service arm to his unit..

"Let it be remembered that the Order of the Arrow was created to help
the unit-to help it present its membership a better ideal of the inner
qualities of the good scout camper. Qualities of character, like
cheerfulness and service are hard for a boy or a man to understand in
the abstract. They come easier when seen in human life.  Let us realize
the significance of the Order in the unit-for the unit is our best hope
in scouting." 
Dr.E. Urner Goodman 
Founder, Order of the Arrow
========== Jan Eldridge
(graphic inserted here)
In the last issue, I gave a pattern for a cross stitch with the MGM
Indian superimposed on a map of the U.S.  A lot of you told me you liked
the idea of making your own emblems so I though I would give you another
one to try. This is the new logo of the OA and should be quite
challenging especially the lettering. You can enlarge it on a copier to
make it go easier. The color choice is yours-it could be as simple as
white on black or the reverse, or red and white. Metallic color threads
are interesting to work with. For those of you that need help getting
started, you can email me at .  This design could be
applied to your Scout jacket or vest or attached to a neckerchief.  If
you enlarge it to 7" or more, it could be a back patch as well. Good
National Day of Service is here!!!!

Greetings Fellow Brothers of Klahican Lodge 331
It is time for us to do our Day of Service Project. Some of you
not know what that is so here is a quick run down.  The Day of Service
Project is a yearly thing that Boy Scouts all over America do. We
promised the President that the Boy Scouts would do so many hours of
Service in a certain amount of time.  You are allowed to invite people
from your troop if you would like. The OA is just in charge of putting
it together but anyone can in the Boy Scouts can participate. 
Our project this year will take place at Singletary Lake State Park
November 13th, 1999. We will leave Camp Bowers at 8:30 a.m. and start
work at Singletary Lake at 9:00 a.m. Many of us will be camping at Camp
Bowers the night before because it is the Saturday after the Lodge
Banquet. If you can meet at Camp, here are some directions.  From
Elizabethtown, go down 701 and turn EAST on 53 and go a few more miles.
The camp is there on the left. There will be signs to help you out. The
ranger has informed me that all tools will be provided.  You may bring
tools that you believe to be useful in blazing trails if you would
like.  Bring work gloves and dress warmly.
Our National Chief, Will Parker, and our Southern Region Chief, John
Isley, will be joining us for both occasions.  I promise you a good time
in Cheerful Service, so come out and help. Encourage as many people as
you can to come out.  Thanks Guys.
Yours in WWW
Maurice Williams

As you know, this is a very important and busy year for our lodge
Conclave 2000 on the horizon. I'm sure if we all pitch in and stick it
out, we'll feel like our efforts were well worth it. One important
upcoming event is our annual Lodge Banquet and the National Day of
Service. The Banquet this year will be held in the Dining Hall at Camp
McNeill and we will spend the night at camp so as to be prepared to
start our National Day of Service bright and early in the morning.
The guest speaker at this year's banquet will be National Chief,
Parker, whom I had the opportunity to meet at NLS just recently.  I have
to say that in addition to being committed to his work, he is also a
great speaker and a very friendly person in general.  I hope you all
will come out and meet him and show him your Klahican spirit!
I went out to Singletary Lake State Park after the COC meeting to
out what we have to do, and the work doesn't seem intimidating in the
least.  We will be putting up some split rail fencing, laying wood chips
on a 500 yard section of trail (the original plan of doing a longer
trail got canceled because the other trails are flooded), and clearing
some small underbrush out of an area for picnic tables.  Pretty
easy-pretty rewarding!
Be sure to get your reservation in for the Lodge Banquet & Day of
Service . I hope to see you there.
In Service,
Hall Sigmon
This is Brad Corpening, VC-Ceremonies, reminding you that Conclave
is at hand, and we need dancers!  If any of you arrowmen, new or old,
are interested in dancing, or singing and drumming, please, contact 
Patrick Boykin at 395-1000, X25 or myself at 392-6888 right away.  We
will teach you how!  Imagine, free lessons! Even if you can't dance or
drum and sing at Conclave,  there is always next year, and we need help
for future events as well.  
 As more and more scouts go through the ordeal or become brotherhood
members, we need to add ceremonies members to our team.  The Ordeal has
been said to be one of the most memorable experiences for both youth and
adult, and we would like to perpetuate that feeling.  Won't you help
provide that awesome experience for someone else.  Please contact me for
how to get started.
Yours in WWW,
Brad Corpening,  VC-Ceremonies
My name is Brad Corpening, and I am pleased to serve the Lodge as
newly elected Chapter Chief of Coastal Chapter.   I am confident that
the coming year is going to be outstanding and very productive. Coastal
Chapter Planning Committee has lots of great activities in store for
meetings for the coming year.
First, I would like to encourage you all to attend this year's Lodge
Banquet.  It will be a very special event with our outstanding guests,
National Chief, Will Parker and Southern Region Chief, John Isley. There
are only 52 Friday nights in the year, and these two great guys have
chosen to spend one of them with us! Please make reservations NOW for
you and your family.
We have conclave coming up in April, and I want to make sure that
Coastal Chapter is well represented.  Again, if you're not on a
committee, come to the chapter meetings, which are on the 4th Tuesday,
not the last, of every month, and talk to the Vice-chief Steven
Covington or myself. We are looking forward to serving you this year.
Yours in WWW,
Brad Corpening / Chief, Coastal Chapter 

A.  A conclave is a gathering of Arrowmen from all of the lodges (6) in
our Section at one place.  It is called the Section 7B Cardinal
Conclave.  There will be over 800 Arrowmen there.  You will sleep in
your own tent with our lodge, eat in the dining hall, trade patches,
meet new people, see great outdoor drama, receive gifts, get a great
patch and T-shirt, work hard to make this conclave the best ever because
it is at our camp, and have lots of fun.
Q.   Where and when is the 2000 Cardinal Conclave?
A.   The conclave is being held at our very own Klahican Lodge's Cape
Fear Scout Reservation - Camp Bowers in White Oak on April 14-16, 2000.
Q.  Who can attend?
A.  Any Arrowman with dues paid and current BSA membership.
Q.  Is there a limit on the number of delegates?
A.  NO.  We will need every last member of our lodge there and working
to make this the best conclave ever.  We last hosted this event in 1988
and will do it again in 2006.  Practice makes perfect.
Q.  Why should I want to go?
A.  For all the reasons you became a Scout and a member of the Order of
the Arrow.  If in doubt, ask anyone who has been to a conclave.  They
will tell you about the fun and excitement.
Q.  What is it going to cost me?
A.  $35.00 will get you a delegate packet from your Lodge and a packet
from the Conclave.  This fee includes registration and meals at the
Q.  How do I sign up?
A.  Fill out the application below and send it along with $35.00 to the
Scout Office ASAP. All attenders will be required to provide a BSA
Medical form prior to leaving for the conclave.  We must have this
record in the Lodge campsite at all times.
Q. If we are the host lodge and are going to work so hard, what's in it
for us?
A.  The Lodge Executive Committee will be approving a host lodge patch
and T-shirt which will be a limited edition available only to lodge
members who sign up for the conclave. There will be a "Staff Memorabilia
Order Form" which will be limited to only those lodge members who
actually work at the conclave.  Items on the form are not settled yet
but expect hats, shirts and other items at a minimum. There will be no
"extras" of these items so if you want any, you MUST be registered and
working to get them.



______ Yes, I want to attend the conclave.  My fee of $35.00 
is enclosed, my Medical Release form is enclosed, and I 
understand that I must have a current Medical Record turned 
in to the Lodge Contingent Leader before I can attend.

______Yes, I want to attend the conclave. I will pay the 
fee before January 7, 2000 in order to be assured that I 
will get a complete Lodge packet (t-shirt, neckerchief, 
etc. [to be decided by the Lodge Executive Committee]).  
My Medical Release form is enclosed, and I understand that 
I must have a current Medical Record turned in to the Lodge 
Contingent Leader before I can attend.

Name ____________________________________Age_______




Contact___________________________Day Ph#____________
          Night Phone#______________

Make your check payable to: Cape Fear Council.  Deadline for 
registration with a guarantee of receiving the delegate packet 
is Friday, January 7, 2000, at 5:00 pm in the council office. 
Mail to: Conclave, Cape Fear Council, P. O. Box 7156, Wilmington, NC

Participant's Name:________________________________________
                           Day Ph#_____________________
          Night Phone#______________

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, I understand every effort will be made 
to contact me (my spouse or next of kin).  In the event I cannot 
be reached, I hereby give my permission to the physician selected 
by the adult leader in charge to secure proper treatment, 
including hospitalization, anesthesia, surgery, or injections
of medication for my son (for me, if adult).

Signature of parent or adult:___________________________________

Please indicate any allergy(s) we may need to be aware of:


Date: ___________________________


Cardinal Conclave 2000
Memorabilia Order
April 14-16, 2000

Item Desc. Quantity Price Total Price 

Delegate Patch ________ $4.00 _________

Conclave Bolo ________ $6.00 _________

Ceramic Mug ________ $6.00 _________
Neckerchief _________ $7.00 _________

T-shirt (med) _________ $11.00 ________

T-shirt (lge) _________ $11.00 ________

T-shirt (XL) _________ $11.00 ________

T-shirt (XXL) _________ $12.00 ________

T-shirt (XXXL) _________ $13.00 _________

Conclave Hat _________ $11.00 _________
Backpatch _________ $10.00 _________
Hat Pin _________ $3.00 _________
(Vigil only) ________ $4.50 _________
Backpatch ________ $10.00 _________

Total __________

Name:_________________________ Ord/Bro/Vig_________


Make your check payable to: Cape Fear Council. Check 
must accompany your pre-order form. Deadline for pre-orders 
is January 7, 1999, at 5:00 pm in the council office. 
Cape Fear Council, PO Box 7156, Wilmington, NC 28406