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The "Nendawen" (Torch Bearer) is the official publication of  KLAHICAN

LODGE, 331, Order of  the Arrow, B.S.A. It is published periodically to

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Arrow. To Submit  articles, artwork, or announcements, call any  staff 

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      Roy E.Risley, 130 Queens Court, Wilmington, N.C. 28411 OR  FAX

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                        publications staff needed, immediate openings

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Cyber Publicist: Jim Taylor,  686-7060,  PUBLICATIONS  ADVISOR: Roy E.

Risley,  686-9866,  ASST. ADVISOR: Bill Miller, 686-1137, LODGE CHIEF:

Nathan Finnin- PROFESSIONAL  ADVISOR: Patrick Boykin, 395-1100 -LODGE

ADVISOR: Jim Strawbridge




Dec. 2      Central Chapter Meeting @ United Methodist, Lumberton, 7 PM

}1st Thursday/month

                 Lakes Chapter Meeting @ Interim Health Care,

Whiteville, 7 PM }1st Thursday/month

Dec. 21     NO Coastal Chapter Meeting in December 

Jan. 6       Central Chapter Meeting @ United Methodist, Lumberton, 7 PM

Jan. 6       Lakes Chapter Meeting@ Interim Health Care, Whiteville, 7



Jan.7-9    Lodge Winter Fellowship-Camp Bowers-Famous Chili Cookoff time

Jan.7th     Conclave 2000 applications DUE w/fee@ Council office before

5 pm

Jan.7th     Conclave Memorabilia Order form DUE w/fee @Council office

before 5pm

Jan.21-23   Carolinas Indian Seminar-Statesville-call Mr. Boykin

@395-1100 x25 for details

Jan.25     Coastal Chapter meeting@ First Baptist Activity Center,

7pm-all brothers needed

Jan 28-30  LLD(Lodge Leadership Development) @ Camp Bowers for all Lodge


                 seeking future Chapter/ Lodge positions should plan to

attend. Call Advisor.

Feb.8      Coastal District Banquet-great fun, fellowship, food,&

recognition too.

Feb.8      90th Anniversary of Scouting

Feb. 24    Council Recognition Banquet


"Calling all Chapters"- please send your meeting times/dates/locations

for the next    

issue by the 3rd Sunday in December (Dec. 19) for the 1st issue of the


This issue of the Nendawen is dedicated to miracle of Christmas 1999

Wishing you and yours the blessings and joy of the Season


SEASON'S GREETINGS  from JOHN ISLEY,  Southern Region Chief

Season's Greetings Fellow Arrowmen,

   So many things have been happening in the Southern Region since I

last wrote. I have made my way around the region and these are some of

the great things I've seen.

   The SR Gathering was a great success. We combined learning and fun to

produce a great event. The high-

lights from the weekend included feedback from the Summit and Conclave

planning. We also had some wild and crazy games where your section

officers got a little messy! (Not to mention the advisors)

   The first NLS for the Southern Region was held in Wirtz, Va. The

weekend was exciting and successful for all.

The staff included:

Will Parker Seth Brown Bud Harrelson Jay

Widby David Carter

Chris Esch J.H. Corpening Kevin Anderson Tee Pruitt

Daniel Glaze

Clayton Allport        Larry Leach     Larry Warlick     Tommy

Murray     Jim Strawbridge     Tom Moore

These guys did an excellent job. They were well prepared and very

exciting. I felt the participants had a worthwhile experience as well.

   My second NLS took me to Marianna, Fla. We flew down right about the

time a hurricane was scheduled to come through. Fortunately, it did not

affect the program. The staff included:

Chris Rogers Carey Mignery Devlin Cooper Mack Zewalk

Dan Musick

Jeremy Pullen Tom Moore Bobby Kuntsman Joe Shea

Patrick May

Bill Loeble    Ted Soangenberg Jr. Charlie Sullivan Jim


Man...those guys really know how to put on an NLS down there. Everyone had

a memorable experience.

   My most recent NLS was in Conroe, Texas at Camp Strake.  I saw some

armadillos and the 2nd largest tree of it's kind...though I don't remember

what kind, but it was huge!  Texas is a great state! I was amazed at the

preparation that each of the staff put into their sessions. I am

confident the participants were pleased.

   In addition to the NLSs, I have had the opportunity to go the several

other events. These include a Lodge 70 Vigil ceremony, Elangomat at an

Ordeal, Arrowtech, Two banquets at lodges 70 & 331, Klahican's "One Day

of Service" and a Region Board meeting!

   Our Order is thriving!  I am excited about where we are going.  I

have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Southern Region grow this year.  I

hope I can continue to serve effectively in my remaining term as your



the Spirit Leads,



Southern Region Chief


A holiday Message  from Doug Clevinger, The Supreme Chief of the Fire

Dear Lodge Membership,

   As the end of this century draws near, I am very mindful of the proud

history that the Order of the Arrow has had in our nation and here in

the Cape Fear Council. Our challenge now is to be "equal to the task" of

having our generation continue that proud heritage.

   Our lodge has a great opportunity before it that comes along very

seldom, an opportunity to rally our membership and manpower to make the

upcoming Conclave the best ever.  This is a chance for many members who

have been "sitting on the sidelines" to become a part of what is going

on.  It is a chance to prove that brotherhood and cheerful service are

more than "just" words; they are indicators of the character in our


   The direction that our Lodge takes in the future may very well hinge

on how our membership responds to this challenge.  We have good

leadership and tremendous potential for accomplishing great things, but

all brothers must be united in our cause.

   A great American and former President, Theodore Roosevelt once said,

" The credit belongs to those people who are actually in the arena...who

know the great enthusiasm, the great devotions to a worthy cause, who at

best, know the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, fail

while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold

and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

   Commit yourself today to "enter the arena" of service to our Lodge.

Best Wishes,

Doug Clevinger

Scout Executive



HOLIDAY WISHES FROM "down under" - past chief, Tommy Cleveland

G'Day Brothers,

It is not too long before I come home and I am looking

forward to it.

I have finished with classes now, two week ago in fact.  I went to

Sydney last week for co-ed  ultimate Frisbee National Championships. The

team I was playing on from Victoria, came in 5th.  The I also went

camping for a few days in the Blue Mountains near by, which was very

beautiful and peaceful.  Now I am back in my room in Melbourne studying

away for exams. I have 3 tough ones coming up soon. As soon as I am

finished with those I hit the road.   I am traveling up to the Great

Barrier Reef, on to Bali, a island in Indonesia, and then after a stop

by in Melbourne, I am off to New Zealand and on my way home.  I will be

back in the good 'ol US of A by the middle of December-just about the

time you'll be getting this issue. I have heard from  my sources that

the banquet and day of service went very well.  I wish I could have been

there!  I will see you all in January at the Winter Fellowship.

Have a Wonderful Holiday...Yours in





>From the Chief - Klahican Lodge Chief, Nathan Finnin

Dear Brothers,

 I would like to thank all of those who attended our Fall Fellowship

over Halloween weekend.  We were able to brave the cold, and induct over

50 new ordeal candidates. I would like to congratulate all of our 

arrowmen who sealed their membership in our lodge by attaining their

brotherhood. For those who missed the Annual Lodge Banquet, you really

did MISS it!!  Good food, and two National Officers added to the

memorable experience. I want to thank Maurice Williams, and all who

stayed for the one-day of service for making it a success. 

As conclave is drawing nearer, our committees are hard at work

smoothing out every last detail. We can still use, in fact we still need

all the help we can get. This event reflects our lodge, and our

individual dedication to the Order. We want you to get involved.  

Please contact me, or  any of the chairman or  advisors.  See you all in


As the Spirit Leads,

Nathan Finnin

Lodge Chief

Conclave Chairman



National Day of Service a Great Success !

The day of service project was a great success.  30 brothers of

Klahican, National Chief, Will Parker, and Region Chief, John Isley, put

up 40 yards of split rail fencing and put wood chips on a trail at

Singletary Lake State Park.  We had a great time in cheerful service and

everyone was proud of the work.  David Colburn, the park ranger, was

very pleased with the work.  He said that it took months off of work

that his crew of workers would've had to do.  I would like to thank all

the brothers of Klahican and Scouts that helped with the Day of

Service.  Your service is greatly appreciated in this lodge, scouts, and

your communities.


      Maurice Williams



Boy Scout License Plate Available

There is the possibility of having a new license plate for your


commemorating the Boy Scouts of America. This license plate may be

purchased by any registered adult leader, committee member, Scout or

parent/guardian. All names will be verified. The cost is $10 above the

cost of your regular plate fee  and is renewable annually. The

application, available at the Council office should be accompanied by a

check made payable to "Boy Scout License Plate Fund" and mailed to Mike

Jones, P.O.Box 8154, Wilson, N.C. 27893 (252)  291-5492. If 300

applications are not received, all fees will be refunded. Show your

affiliation and support.



Happy holidays from SR 7B Chief, Kevin Anderson


   Let me start by talking about the Council of Chiefs meeting that was

held at beautiful Camp Bowers on October 23, 1999. The meeting started a

little late, due to the fact that a few lodges had some trouble finding

Camp McNeill.  Once we got started, everything seemed to click.  Nathan

Finnin really impressed the rest of the Section leadership that was

there.  Promoting Conclave was one of Nathan's goals, and I am pleased

to say that Nathan did a superb job!  Nathan was nominated for the

office of Section Vice Chief of Program next year.  Everyone make sure

that you give Nathan the support that he needs to win this election!

   Speaking of giving Nathan your support, why don't you go ahead and

give him a call if you are not on one of the Conclave 2000 committees? 

Klahican Lodge can really use your help in staffing this monumental

event!  Over 800 delegates are expected and man more day guests!

   NOAC 2000 is coming up.  One of the things that my job requires me to

do is promote this baby!  There will not be as many slots available for

this NOAC as the last one.  The reason is because there are not as many

beds.  NOAC 2000  is going to be held at the University of

Tennessee-Knoxville (just 450 miles), on July 29-August 3, 2000.  The

cost is only $280 for adults and youth both!  This coming NOAC is one

day longer than the previous ones, which is reflect in the cost being

about $25 more than the 1998 NOAC. Klahican Lodge is already reserving

spots. If you would like to attend, send $100 deposit to CFC office to

reserve your spot!

   November 11-13 was a busy weekend! The highlights are: Friday, Nov.

11, Maurice Williams and I left NC State and drove to Campbell

University to pick up the OA SR Chief John Isley. We all headed to

Elizabethtown to pick up Will Parker, our National Chief and Lodge

Advisor Jim Strawbridge. Friday night at our Klahican Banquet,Will gave

a powerful talk about where our Order is heading. The next morning,

everyone at Camp Bowers headed over to Singletary Lake State Park to

participate in the National "One Day of Service" project.  Our lodge

members put up split rail fencing and several tons of wood chips along a

trail. After a delicious lunch (Thank you Mrs.Morgan), John Will, and I

got in the car and drove to Camp Cherokee, and Lodge 70's patch auction

& Brotherhood Ceremony.  Will's gave another inspiring talk to the

Brotherhood on Saturday night. Wow! 36 hours packed with activities,

service and fun!  What a great job!

Have a safe and happy holiday season and I will see you all at the

Winter Fellowship in January.

Yours in WWW,  Kevin Anderson  SR7B, Chief



ADVISOR'S CORNER - J.Corpening, Coastal Chapter Advisor

It was Friday, July 16, 1915.  The day dawned bright and clear on

Treasure Island.  Something was in the air, a feeling of expectancy and

mystery.  By sundown the air was charged with a tense excitement.  Those

who were present always remembered the first induction into what is now

known as the Order of the Arrow.

Much has changed in our world since that Friday evening at Treasure

Island.  Mankind learned to fly, learned to travel in space, and learned

to walk on the moon.  FM radio, television, then color television,

automobiles, microwaves, air conditioners, cassette decks, cd players

are just a few of the inventions we have experienced in the last tenth

of this millennium.  Think about the events over the last one thousand

years.  492 years before Christopher Columbus!  The changes in our world

over the last 100 years are almost incomprehensible, much less the

changes over the last 1000.

Some things do not change.  Since that first induction, we have been

bound together by the principles of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and

Service.  The Delaware Indians were similarly bound long before that

evening on Treasure Island.  Before the Delaware there were others,

whether Knights of the Crusades, explorers of the new world, Native

Americans and others, all bound by these same ties we cherish and


So why is this important now, as we face the advent of a new

millennium?  This is a special opportunity for you to pause, and look

you back on Scouting, whose sign and motto you accepted.  Long ago you

gave your promise, said you firmly, "On my honor I'll do my best-I'll do

my duty."  Later you undertook an obligation, in which you made several

promises.  This is important now because it is important for you to

decide whether you meant any of these things or not.  It is important

for it is now for you to perpetuate the ideals of scouting into a new

millennium.  It is important for you to perpetuate the names and token

of this Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, called by Delawares: 

Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui!  

The principles we represent can shape the next millennium.  It is up


you to stand up and be counted.

See you at the Chapter meetings and Winter Fellowship.  May you and

your families have a peaceful and joyous holiday.

Yours in Service,  J. Corpening,  Coastal Chapter Adviser



health update - new type of Lyme disease found in southeastern u.s.


SOURCE: Archieves of Dermatology 1999;  135:1317-1326

New type of lyme disease found in southeastern u.s.

NEW YORK, Nov 19 (Reuters Health)-New research suggests that Georgia,

South Carolina, and possibly other states in the Southeast may be best

by their own type of Lyme disease.

"There is some type of tick-transmitted illness here that acts like

Lyme disease but only fits the laboratory pattern 30% of the time" lead

research Dr. Michael W. Felz said in a statement released by the Medical

College of Georgia in Augusta.

"In other words," he explained, "we may need a whole new testing


for this illness in the Southeast."

Lyme disease is caused by the bite from a deer tick, which transmits

bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi. The first sign of infection is

an enlarging red, circular "bull's eye" rash. In studying 23 adults who

consulted a doctor about the telltale rash, Felz and his colleagues

discovered that 70% of the patients tested negative for Borrelia

burgdorferi infection.

Furthermore, even in the 30% of study participants who did test

positive, the DNA of the bacteria was different from what the experts

expected to see. The bacteria seem to be genetically variant strains of

Borrelia burdorferi, the researchers report in the November issue of

Archieves of Dermatology.

As Felz explained in the statement, "the tick species transmitting


illness sems to be different and may be transmitting an organism that is

very different."  Also, none of the patients in the study progressed to

the second stage of Lyme disease, which can include symptoms such as

muscle paralysis, joint inflammation, and heart rhythm disorders.

The newly identified strain of Borrelia burgdorferi may be less


than the strain that is common in Northeast and the Midwest, the authors

conclude. The speculate that the infection it causes might be more

responsive to treatment with antibiotics.

Scouts and Scouters fall into the highest risk group for contracting

Lyme.  Anyone who works or plays out of doors can be bitten and

affected.  REPORT all tick bites even if they do not show the classic

"bulls-eye" rash configuration.  SAVE THE TICK, have it tested by a

competent  laboratory and have a LYME titer test performed.  An ounce of

prevention can save months of treatment.  BE AWARE.





    As I lay there alone on Ordeal night number one, I stared up at the

stars shining down on the candidates. Like every other candidate, I was

doing some serious soul searching, asking myself  "Am I really worthy to

be a part of this Order?" In my case, I focused on the Dog Star

(Sirius).  My grandfather had pointed it out to my father the first time

he ever took him coon hunting in the hills of West Virginia, and my

father had passed on the description to me.  He said,  "That is the

twinkle in God's eye! When you see that star shining on you, you know

God's happy for the way things are turning


     As I thanked my maker for the opportunity to be engaged in cheerful

service, I thought back to my first memories of Scouting as a boy. I

remember the first "Tapping Out" ceremony I ever witnessed like it was

yesterday, even though it was a whole lot of yesterdays ago.  The

candidates began their ordeal that very night, and completed it during

the remainder of the summer camp week.  The mystery and wonder it

instilled in a bucktoothed, geeky twelve year old with thick glasses,

was the stuff that dreams were made of!  Every summer camp that I

attended thereafter, when the mid week campfire rolled around, I would

yearn for the experience of being selected as an Ordeal candidate in the

Order of the Arrow. I made every camp, and I tried very hard to advance

in rank, but there was one small problem. I could not swim, and you

couldn't make First Class without swimming. I was a mountain boy, and we

never saw water deep enough that you couldn't wade across it! So each

summer, I went to camp, got my beginner's buddy tag, and dreamed that

one day, I would be qualified to join that elite group who got to spend

the remainder of their camp week, walking around with a hand carved

arrow in their teeth to help them keep the vow of silence, and work at

every conceivable camp improvement project. The years came and went, and

it never happened, but I never forgot the dream.

      I learned to swim in college, but of course, by then my Scouting

career was over, or so I thought. The years went by, and a career and a

family became my dreams, and the memories of summer camp and the dreams

of OA membership faded, but never died. In 1983, God blessed my wife and

I with a son, and two years later, another son. Pretty soon, they were

Tiger Cub age, and I wanted them to experience the thrills of Scouting

for themselves. So I became a Scouter, because it was obvious to me that

the Scouts who got the most out of the program were those whose parents

were also participants, and besides, every man is still a little boy

when it comes to camping in the woods!

     I will never forget the night my son, Chris, was tapped into the

Order. I watched with pride, tears streaming down my face, knowing that

he would get to experience the dream that I had never achieved. A proud

moment for a father in a long string of proud moments. When he came home

from his Ordeal weekend, I thought to myself, "That's it, that is close

enough". The dream is as fulfilled as it will get.

    Still, one of the tenets of the Order of the Arrow is patience, and

as I continued to work to serve my Troop, the Great Spirit saw the

cheerful service I was trying to provide, and he decided, "Thirty seven

years is long enough!  This is a gift that he will really cherish." So

here I am, undergoing the Ordeal, and feeling a little bit guilty,

because maturity and wisdom teach us that dreams do not always come

true, but THIS ONE DID! 

    Sure, it is tough, but there is that twinkle in God's eye, and when

the bright moon woke me up at about 4 am, it was a half moon. It was a

very clear message. This work is only half done. Once you become set

apart as an Arrowman, you obligate yourself to something, which will

help, fulfill the dreams of others. What a great club! To be a success,

all you have to do is smile and help other people whenever you see the

opportunity! I feel so privileged to be a member.

Now I have a dream of Brotherhood! After all, you are never too old





klahican lodge welcomes new members

Record number pass their Ordeal in 1999

Klahican Lodge 331, Order of the Arrow is pleased to announce the Ordeal

members for 1999.

Edward Anderson 201  Robert Armstrong 226  William Batson 246  Andrew

Batten 420

Stephen Beeker 222  Steven Bilzi 225  Lee Blackburn 220  David Bleaking


Matthew Blue 326  Joseph Boslet 201  Allen Brown 231  Joseph Brunjes 204 

 Allen Bullard  204  Jerry Burkhardt 222  Justin Butler 602  Eddie

Carroll 228  

Evan Carroll 228  Bryce Carter 600  Stephen Chavis 326  Matt Coston 218 

 Frank Crawford Jr. 404  Jason Efird 236  Kevin Troy Floyd 201  Dugan

Frazier IV 236

Walter Futch III 220  Whitfield Gibson 447  Jonathan Graham 225 

Nicholas Grubbs 204

Robert Hamrick 220  Anthony Harvell 238  Jonathan Heiser 220  Nick

Herring 242  

Charlie Howell 232  Gary Inman Sr. 344  Jonathan Inman 344  Keith Inman


 Kyle Jernigan 236  Scott Keziah 231  Matthew Lanham 309  James

Lastinger 236

John Locklear 326  Ryan Locklear 326  Bryan Marek 215  Isaac Martinez

327  Lee Martin 327

Paul Matthews 201  Eric McBrayer 226  Michael McKee 562   Benjamin

McMillan 309

Morgan Meadows 237  Justin Milam 242  Stephen Miller 206  Michael Mishoe


Derek Morgan 200  Janice Morgan 200  Joshua Moss 246  Michael Owens 386  

Michael Parker 730  Edmund Prevatte III 386  Harris Purser 235  Benjamin

Reese 215

Michael Reid 246  Alton Riggs 206  Gary Rowe 226  Kelly Rowe 226  Rick

Rutherford 237

Elias Salazar III 404  Barbara Saunders 296  Gregory Saunders 296 

Robert Schilling 236

Keith Sellars 513  Steven Shoaf 255  Jake Smith IV 386  Patrick Smith


Damean Speck 219  Josh Stanley 228  Ryan Stewart 226  Lucas Strobush 226 

Clif Thompson 239   Lisa Todd 225  Joshua Tompkins 242  Allen Trask 213  

Billie Ulrich III 296  Howard Varnum 226  Donald Warren 226  Seth Wells


Arthur G. Whitley 404  Jonathan Wilson 344  Mark Wilson 237  Benjamin

Wright 513

Congratulations to all of our new Ordeal members.   You have been

honored by you troop as being "the best".  Take time to get involved

with your Lodge. Start by going to Chapter meetings and participate  in

all the functions. Only in that way can you gain the most from your

membership.  Remember, it's not just a's a commitment!

During the year, the following members chose to seal their membership in

the Order by achieving their Brotherhood status:

Andrew Covington 215  Nathan Criser 296  Andy DeVane 215  Ryan Devine

200  Keith Edwards Jr. 219  Wooton Jones 215  John P.Munroe IV  296 

Debra Pavlovich 296  Lee Pavlovich 296  Samuel Pitts 255  Neal Purser

235  Cole Sigmon 386  Travis West 386

Your commitment to the Order is exemplary. Use it to the betterment of

Scouting, and in your daily lives.

Your brothers all want to give a warm Klahican WELCOME!




Please us the form in the Nendawen to register for the Conclave.





Please use the form in the Nendawen.



  Winter Fellowship, January 7-9,2000

The Winter Fellowship promises to be a stellar event. We have 50

potential Ordeal Candidates, A Brotherhood ceremony, seven Vigil Honor

candidates, and the annual Klahican Lodge Chilli Cookoff.  The weekend

is full of events to satisfy all members.

 Register now and avoid the rush after Christmas.  The deadline for

ordering Conclave memorabilia is this weekend, so if you have not filled

out your order form, DO IT NOW!



Winter Fellowship, January 7-9,2000

_____Yes, I will be at the Jan 7-9 fellowship: I am 

     enclosing $14.00.

_____Yes, I plan to attend the Jan fellowship:  I 

     will pay my $14.00 on arrival at camp.  I 

     understand that I hereby obligate myself to 

     pay even if I do not attend.

Brotherhood candidates only:

_____ I intend to seal my membership in the lodge by 

        completing my Brotherhood: I am enclosing $27.00.

_____ I plan to seal my membership in the lodge by 

        completing my Brotherhood: I will pay my $27.00 

        on arrival at camp.  I understand that I obligate 

        myself to pay even if I do not attend.

Name ____________________________________Chapter______

Address ______________________________________________



(5PM) BEFORE THE WEEKEND IS......$19.00. Mail to: Cape Fear 

Council, P. O. Box 7156, Wilmington, NC 28406 or Fax number 

(910)395-0894. If you call the office (910)395-1100 and ask 

to be put on the "will pay" list, we will consider you preregistered.



Lodge Leadership Development  (LLD) - Jan 28-30, 2000

LLD(Lodge Leadership Development) @ Camp Bowers for all Lodge 

members. Anyone planning to seek future Chapter/Lodge 

positions should plan to attend.

 ____Yes, I will be at the Jan 28-30 LLD: I am 

     enclosing $14.00.

_____Yes, I plan to attend the Jan LLD:  I 

     will pay my $14.00 on arrival at camp.  

     I understand that I hereby obligate myself 

     to pay even if I do not attend.


Address ___________________________________________



(5PM) BEFORE THE WEEKEND IS......$19.00. Mail to: Cape Fear 

Council, P. O. Box 7156, Wilmington, NC 28406 or Fax number 

(910)395-0894. If you call the office (910)395-1100 and ask 

to be put on the "will pay" list, we will consider you preregistered.