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Conclave Program Area: Cripple Creek 
Conclave Schedule Changes 
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OANational Leadership Summit Testimonial

NLS was a life changing experience for me. I learned many great leadership skills that will most definitely help me and stick with me for the rest of my life. This not only taught me to be a better leader but it also taught me to put more trust in my fellow arrowman and scouters. The staff did an outstanding job putting on this event; everything was well planned out as well as fun. NLS has been one of my best experiences, as an arrowman, I have ever experienced. I will not forget it even if I live to be 100. I met many of the brethren while there and made lifelong bonds with some that nothing could ever break. NLS is most definitely one of the best events that an arrowman can attend. I highly recommended it to anyone who ever has a chance to attend.

Yours in the Brotherhood,

Jonathan Wesley Church 
Sapona Chapter Chief


OA Webstore Now Open



The section webstore is now open! Go to www.sr7b.org to preorder your conclave memorabilia from the section webstore. Hurry before it is too late.


OAConclave Program Area: Cripple Creek

At conclave 2011, Camp Raven Knob and Wahissa Lodge will be offering tours of Cripple Creek, a unique outdoor adventure. Cripple Creek is located in the backwoods of Raven Knob Scout Reservation and used during thesummer camp season to host the “Mountain Man” outback program. Scouts who sign-up for this summer camp program will spend the entire week living at Cripple Creek. They live like the frontiersmen of the mid 1800’s did surrounded by towering mountains, pristine streams, the smell of wood smoke, and an adventure soon to happen.

They learn many skill sets throughout the week’s experiences of knife making and throwing, blacksmithing, chuckwagon cooking, flint knapping, firemaking, beadworking, bullet molding, woodworking, and many more. Participants camp in wall tents along the Cripple Creek with meals provided by the chuckwagon kitchen and water is by hand pump only! During conclave 2011, arrowmen will be able to tour, observe, and participate in the activities that occur daily during the summer camp season. Get ready for an outdoor adventure from the 1800’s…it is sure to be a blast from the past!


OAConclave Schedule Changes

Big news on the conclave schedule. At the recent Council of Chiefs the lodge chiefs and the section officers voted to move the vigil breakfast to a vigil reception on Friday night. Vigil honor members should expect a nice reception and plenty of fellowship with other vigil members.

Also the OAX time has been adjusted so that program areas of the camp can be open for all of the section to enjoy. Expect such program areas such as rifle, shotgun, and the climbing tower.

The final change was a special lunch for chapter chiefs. On Saturday the chapter chiefs from each lodge will be invited to a special lunch which will allow them to fellowship and talk with other chapter chiefs. Most importantly this will recognize our chapter chiefs.


OA Cub Scout Crossover Ceremonies Team Competition


At this coming conclave there will be the webelos crossover ceremony competition. To register for the competition, complete the crossover competition registration form and submit a copy of the crossover ceremony script that your team will be performing. Mail both of these items to the address on the registration form. The ceremony will be judged using the same guidelines as other ceremony competitions at conclave and using the script submitted. The crossover ceremony scripts submitted will also be available for other lodges to use in order to expand the crossover ceremony program throughout our section. If there are any questions regarding the crossover ceremony competition feel free to contact me at dustincock@gmail.com.

Yours in the Brotherhood,

Dustin Cocklereece
Section SR-7B Indian Affairs Chairman


OAHow you Start a Ceremonies Team

Starting a ceremonies team could be the best thing for your lodges Indian affairs, or it could be the worst if you don’t follow through with it. Finding people to do the ceremony is one thing, but finding people who will go to practices and be obligated to your program is another. Make a signup sheet and a flyer or some other kind of promotional feature to make people want to get involved. Once you get the people you need for your ceremony you need to make sure that these people are going stick with it and not back out.

You will need to set dates for every month, or even better every week. Make sure these dates are good for everybody and have then posted or sent out. Make reminders via Facebook or through email. When you have your first practice make sure you have scripts for everyone. To make sure that you are doing the ceremony correctly, have people that have done ceremonies in the past. Make the practices fun, and interesting so people will keep coming back.

Checklist for the First Practice:

  • The people for the ceremony
  • The people that have done the ceremony before
  • Scripts (make sure they are for the right ceremony)
  • Snacks
  • Make sure it’s fun

If you follow these steps and make it interesting you will have a quality ceremonies team for competition and your lodge's ceremonies. Good Luck!!


Hunter Day
Past SR-7B Indian Affairs Chairman


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